The purpose of exotic love

We love the thought that we can only love one person wholly and completely. I believe love is not just held for one person. Love is a word we use when we talk about sex, kissing, hugging, and an expression of friendship. Why can’t we have it all? Exotic love is the best love because it doesn’t limit who you love, how you love, and what you can achieve with this love.My definition of Exotic love is unusual love, or unexpected type of love. The love of a soldier could fit this definition, or a pet could fit it as well.

Who you love

Love should never be limited to just one person. We grow up loving our parents, or hating our parents because love, and hate often come hand in hand. This experience teaches us what we expect in our future relationships. If your parents divorce a person has more of a sour outlook on love. However, they don’t open their hearts to an idea about love that it can pertain to friends, family, and pets as well. We love our pets unconditionally giving them food, taking care of them, and feeding them just so they can be there for us. If we took this concept and applied to friendships our friends would feel more healthy. We wouldn’t judge them. We’d just accept them even if their transgender, gay, lesbian, or gender changed. This theory can then be pulled into our relationships with people we get sexually involved with. Accepting people should be a must for our society, and loving people for who they are is huge. Especially in a society that is so obsessed with sex, and appearance. A person’s personality should matter more than what they can offer in bed, or how they look. ( I’ve been being teased about my current love interest because he’s Asian.Boy does it piss me off that people would tease me about someone I care about because he’s a different race? ) My words to those  people are get over it. Race and gender shouldn’t matter. I might have a current love interest but I am in love with life. My very first love went from being a man to getting a complete gender change into a woman. ( She now has bigger tits than me.) I still love her, and I accept her change as a friend. I never fall out of love cause once you love something it’s hard to turn away from it.( Much the same as writing.)

How you love

How you love determines who you are. There are people out there who determine their popularity over the amount of likes and shares they get on a single picture. Then there is the people that believe the amount of popularity they have is based on a number of healthy relationships they have developed in life. I don’t think every relationship should be shined on social media because there are too many people that want to break people apart, shatter them whole, and laugh when things fail. I believe we show our love in multiple ways which are through sex, kindness, fun, talking, and having time to share with people. I don’t think we should show the way we love on social media because that is a place for people to ridicule and make fun of you. I love like love is the only thing I need in the world because it is. If I don’t love something then I can’t write. I love to write thus I write till my eyes bleed. The same concept is used in my personal relationships.

What you achieve with this type of love

I believe the type of love that doesn’t involve restrictions is the most open type of love. I think that the world’s way of possessing one another is making love very bleak to some people. I may be young, naive, and silly but I believe I have learned a lot about love. I’ve learned that our society needs to be open to everyone not just allowing one gender to be with another gender. I’m an advocate for my friends that are gay, and lesbian. We need to realize we should love each other more, and stop staring at an electronic to determine our popularity or friends. But alas, we love what we love, we do what we do, and we care about who we care about. We can’t change people, and I would never want to. I just think a more open love would help us in life, and love should be our purpose in life.

Anyways, Thank you for reading my post today. I will be making a post for erotica writing tips, and an adventure post today. I will be linking my erotica writing tips to this post as well. I would love to hear your comments about love, and the purpose of love for you. I believe in loving with exoticism. Be someone who has a strange way of love, and be someone who loves without regret.


6 thoughts on “The purpose of exotic love

  1. You deserve much love for your love – and it will come. One day you will open your door and there will be sacks filled with love waiting there in your doorstep. One day soon you will be surrounded by people who love you with all their being. One day the whole world will respond to the love you are giving out and it will all come back. Perhaps that day will be today. I hope so.

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  2. With havin so much content do you ever run into any issues
    of plagorism or copyright violation? My blog has a lot
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    Do you know any techniques to help stop content from being ripped off?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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    1. Hello Dakota I think you could try to to pick a topic and make a creative twist or find out what’s plagerised or if it was meant to be plagerized. Not sure how to fix that problem .


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