Works in progress are

I have three current works in progress. At the moment, A majority of my focus has been on Into the gray because it is a very thought out idea with a conclusion, and a twist already in mind. However, I hope you find each sample of the works enjoyable. It’s just to display how the ideas are playing out for me on paper.

1st Book in progress


Tittle: Into the gray

The Idea: Into the gray is a book that follows Alana through a world of pain, and growth. Her world begins innocent with high-school days where she falls for the popular football player like most girls her age do. The real kicker here is that the football player starts to fall for her, and as he does so, the girlfriend he currently has disappears one night. Later on, they bury a body, and end up stuck together as fugitives as Alana discovers what the meaning of love is. Did she love him? Did she ever love him? Why did she cheat when she knows being caught could mean certain death?

A quick few of the start of the novel: ( first 2 pages)  


Like the start of every great story, there is a great lyric that follows it.  

“There are two paths,  

You can go by , 

But in the long run,  

There’s still time to change,  

the road you’re on” ~~Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin  

Today? How do I begin to explain how something so good could fall apart in a matter of a day? I feel like today all we did was beat around the bush over real matters like typical, childish people. The day started with me staring into a dusty mirror ridden with small cracks, that displayed a speckled, tainted, reflection of my long twisting mahogany colored\ locks of hair, and creamy coffee like  eyes. A light blue cotton fabric tank top adorned my body covering the slim curve between my hips and stomach, and dark jeans that had a slight tear on the left knee. I decided that addressing myself with make up like every other pretty girl would be an insult.It wasn’t like I was a super model.Nor was I what I would call your greatest catch, but Aaron had picked me out of a million of other unlucky girls who would of gladly taken to his side without hesitation like gazelle leaping into the lion’s clutches.  

His ex -girlfriend before me was a sun-kissed bombshell, too strung up on her own game to even notice me swing in from left field. They would say she was the best cheerleader in town. Smart, pretty, partier, and druggie were some of her labels. No one would know the story of her disappearance. The real reason little miss perfect has a missing person’s poster everywhere. She dug too deep into the muck, and it ate her alive.  

So let me go back to the start for a bit. The entrance between dropping into the rabbit hole with Alice, or straying off the yellow brick road in OZ. It’s the year two thousand and eleven. My lovely junior year. Why is this so important for me? Why start here? It’s simple, if a gear starts to change, you want to know when it started to break down. This I believe is the same concept of why I must start here.  

Slam! “ Earth to Alana, “ A voice disrupted my focus on the slim black electronic in my hand.  

“Yes ? Can you please not slam your hand against my locker Rachael.” Students were swarming into the hallway like ants clambering into their little hole under dirt. Rachel frowned for a split-second.  

“ You realize Mr King, and Queen walked right by you. Not even a smart remark from you? Unusual, typically you insult the wicked witch before she passes you.”  

“ Maybe, I’m not in the mood to deliver an awe punching delivery for an insult.” I clicked the little side button of my phone off.  A flash of wrestling with a tiger in bed called  Mr King last night appeared in my brain.  

“ Should I be worried that you’re going soft on me?”  Rachel winked her emerald eyes sharper than a razor leaf, and lined with red from an early wake and bake morning session. She could never leave her own house without being baked. It was tragic, really.  

“ Soft? How? I just don’t want the Queen discovering another reason to ruin my school status.” 

“ Yo Rachel,” Her boyfriend came waltzing over. Daniel had been my best friend since before we could talk. He had fought with fists against my older brother, and made sure that I wouldn’t end up dead with the father I had. However, there have been some strange marks on his coffee like skin that made me think he was facing some tough decisions.  



Title: Inside Hell

My Idea: My idea starts as a girl who was born a portal to hell. Think of being born the grim reaper, and trying to fall in love. Very few people know of the power, or the fact that it can only be triggered when that person is listed to die, and be taken to hell. She falls in love with a man who is emo, and can see ghosts. This relationship causes some funny comedian drama.


My first 2 pages to preview:

Chapter One- Escape the fate  



The sign read Frankfort, Kentucky and it was three in the morning. Not a car on the road besides me.. I have been driving for one whole day. One after another the streetlights began to flicker as I drove down the road. My headlights were already faint because I decided stupidly not to replace them last minute. No, that’s a lie. I just didn’t want to waste time replacing the lights because I was in a rush. A rush to leave. Where was I heading so fast? Well, I wanted to get away from everything back in New York. Run so far away that when I turn my head left to right there are only palm trees , ocean, and sand. A place of paradise. Maybe live in a little shack where no one can find me.. 

My radio began to get static as I got further down the interstate. Damn. I tried changing the station but every station was buzzing with static. Great. No more Avenged Sevenfold to serenade me for the ride. I heaved a sigh as my car began to sputter and soon after completely stall. It’s here. It had to be. You can’t outrun everything right? Well aside from zombies.  The headlights turned off as if being beckoned into the darkness. No cars , trucks , or other vehicles could be seen. Luckily. I took a deep breath preparing for what came next. When one is a child of hell it tends to follow you…everywhere.  

The mist began to sweep in from the front of the road like a wave. It almost looked piping hot. I felt it long before I saw it. The feeling of complete and utter sadness. It washed over me like the softness of a blanket. Tears began to swell up in my eyes. Not too long after I felt the sharp pain of a million knives stabbing through my skin over and over. I gasped as through the mist there was an image. No! No! Not him…anything but him.  

Inside the image there was a shape of a man with a sharp knife in his hand. Slowly, the hand reached for the throat and all I could do was watch in utter shock.Shadowy skulls formed in the mist one after another laughing at me like they always did. It was the person though that had me frozen. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. But what if the curse had already taken effect? What if it had already taken his life.  

I sat still waiting for the searing fire that came after the image.  It burned forcing my throat to become as dry as the desert. No amount of water could quench this.  Then the mist receded as if being beckoned back to hell like an obedient beast. 


Darrian was just preparing to fall asleep. It was exactly midnight and a single day had passed since she left him. Yes, that dreadful moment. He could picture the feeling of being torn in two like an apple being sliced in half. The feeling had long since gone. He couldn’t truly feel the pain. Maybe it just hasn’t sunken in yet.  

His head hit the soft pillow that her head had once touched. No sooner had his eyes shut did he feel a familiar presence. Ghosts. His belief in ghosts has been kept secret. It was best that way. Not even she would consider him sane. Maybe she left because he wasn’t sane? Maybe that was it? It would make sense. Her sudden need to pack everything that could fit in a duffle bag, hop into a car, and just leave without so much as a goodbye.  

If he disappeared today who would care? All he had left was her. Now, she wasn’t even there. A cold as chilling as ice overwhelmed him. Sleep just was not going to happen again. The blackness behind his eyes began to change. It was like he was dreaming but he could still feel his body. A touch as soft as a feather from a bird slid across his bare arm. It was her again…Haunting him for what he had done. He could feel her ice cold blue eyes glaring at him, and the scream before they became drained of life.  

“Darrian, She played you for a fool.” The whisper was like a fresh wind breeze past his ear. “ Leaving you without a single word. “  


My last book I am working:

Title: Alimaria

My idea: This a purely fantasy world. I can’t really define because it is magical in a way that words can’t display.  

The Arison wars was an era of chaos and danger. People in this time feared not only their lives but for their children’s lives. It was named Arison because of the region in which this war took place. Five kingdoms rested inside this region and each kingdom yearned for some form of control over all other kingdoms.  

Originally, The war was caused by two kingdoms who feuded over a border line. A fight over land and morals. After ten years of their dispute money began to run low in the two kingdoms and they enlisted each in the help of the other three kingdoms. However each kingdom had other desires than to help the enemy. In fact, The very land they were fighting for now became tarnished with fire , and angry men screamed as they fought.  

Peace was not an option nor did it seem to be a very plausible outcome for all of the land.Three hundreds years later and the war had yet to come to a formal end. It had brought the attention of Gods and Goddess.These higher beings typically stayed to themselves and aided the world or caused trouble when they were bored. This war in the region named Arison had caught their attention. It was not good for the people nor the land when Gods and Goddess decide to take their personal problems with each other out with the sides that they chose during the war.   

Four clans of wizards came up with an idea. Their idea was to find these beings of power and to form weapons with them. The plan involved trapping the Gods and Goddesses into items. These items could be used to either help stop the war or to stop such unimaginable power from touching the land of Arison.  

The first was a Goddess who rules the darkness. She thrived in the night and was said to be worshipped by those who admired the moon. Her name was Akimi. Akimi was the only Goddess to be involved with the war from the start because of her love for life. She wanted peace but this war had lasted far too long for her happiness to last. This betrayal of peace had caused her to rage against the races of the land. In anguish and anger, She had chosen to neither help nor aid either side. Instead, She used her power of darkness to create more evil among the minds of the men and women in war with one another.  

The wizards chose to entrap her first because of the rise of evil in the region. Their choice of item was a sword. A thin katana that formed shapes of the crescent moon on it. Whoever wielded this item alone would eventually end up causing their own destruction. Well, that is if the Goddess rejects the soul that holds her bound.  

Their next target is to seal the God of fire who could rules over the volcanos and warmth. The item for this seal is a ring that holds a small gem inside of that seems to flicker like fire. It is said that whoever wears the ring will be able to unleash the power freely of fire. However, if the God disagrees with the soul even for slight second it will engulf their body-melting it slowly as if punishing the user.  

Lastly, the wizards created a device to lock the evil God of Water in. A necklace of pearls was the only option for this God. His power was beyond capturable. The pearls along the necklace sealed on 25% of the God’s power to control the sea, and create damaging natural disasters. This item is the strongest of all that are sealed. The wielder that is lucky enough to use will have great power, but should the sea God reject the soul than the person will drown from the water within their very own body.  

The last object that these mysterious wizards made was a chest that was supposed to lock away every item from anyone, and everyone. They had chosen to seal it with a particular spell that only these wizards could unlock.  

Only one problem remains with these items sealed. A far greater enemy has risen. The Shadows. Shadows are creatures that have once died but have been brought back to life through necromancy. The necromancer that developed these creatures has never been found, nor will this person ever be found. After the first four tries of creating a new creature to rise from the dead this necromancer died. But why are there now thousands of said creatures? The shadows are souls that retake the form of their old shape, and body, but are consumed by a malicious intent for killing. If a person dies from the shadows hands another shadow is created. The only way to stop this disease is to cut it at the start. Kill the very first shadow ever to be created.  




The Land  

Alimaria Kingdom is a northern kingdom said to have the fox as its guardian and guide. The fox in this snowy territory is thought to behold cunning, beauty, and survival. The lord’s and ladies of the land either have a crest of a fox on their house, or have a wolf crest. The wolf is the crest of the neighboring kingdom of the East. The kingdom in the East has a treaty currently with Alimaria. Alimara rules over itself and the kingdom to the East. Vampires are said to be rampant in these lands.  

Zankfur is the kingdom of the East. It holds the wolf as it’s guardian. The wolf in this half snowy, half warm territory is said to behold fierce loyalty, strength, and a strong family presence. There are many Alimarian soldiers that protect it’s border closest to the south and west.  

Zandier is the southern port city. It is the most prosperous place for seafarers over all other kingdoms. The city here is a dangerous place for travelers because pirates, thieves, and other terrors run this place. A sea serpent which represents betrayal,suffering, and danger  is the crest of the city. Alimaria has no loyalty to the city, and does not trade with the city.  

Salamaria known as the vagabond kingdom. A kingdom that has peace with both Zandier, and Alimaria. The territory that wants to break away from oppression, but lacks the land to do so.  A motif for this kingdom is the spider-spiders represent a cleverness, sneakiness, and the ability to surprise people. This kingdom is littered with people who do not like outsiders of any kind.