Places for a meandering Unicorn

I have both a Facebook account, and a Twitter account. Now, I would say I am a beautiful, unique creature on these sites, but I feel more like a meandering Unicorn that forgets what most daily people want to see on these sites. But, alas, I have put some effort on both sites to try and gather a good group of followers which makes me feel more like an evil cat than a unicorn at times. So, here are a few example posts from my twitter account that might make you laugh, cry, or even utterly confused. Most of these tweets will be of discoveries I made over the years, or have some link to the writing I am working on. My posts on twitter will vary between once a day, to a few times a day.



I would like to include my good reads site on this page because it is another outlet that I use aside from Facebook, and twitter.  This outlet is more less used for keeping track of books I want to read, and would enjoy reading. I don’t think I’ve made a single post on it yet because it involves a deep analysis of the story you are reviewing. This will take time, but I do plan on adding a post on there weekly.