Why be Angry?

I always found anger to be a useless emotion. I like to call it that emotion that entertains most people who have a hard time getting angry. ( Like me.) I work in customer service so I know all about those customers who get angry enough to break you down. But I still find myself not getting angry back. I might get emotional but anger is another story. So, let me start this rant with anyone with anger issues should not have a gun.

If you have a history of being angry do not buy a gun

I say this knowing some gun lovers are sitting there like “ But a gun makes me happy not mad.” Well, if a person is angry enough they will take that gun and go and shoot a person. We see this in the news just about every day, but then the media exploits this like crazy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t have guns.I’m just saying if anger is a problem you might not want to grab a gun. I’d rather see people duke it out or stab each other than rely on a one shot kill chance. I guess I believe in those 3 rules from the movie Fight Club. ( If you haven’t seen this movie you should probably watch it.) Trust me, I am aware that when a person gets angry they tend to forget rationale. So, having a gun is probably the worst idea at that moment.

I encourage you to breath

If you are the type to get angry I have few simple tasks to help calm you down. When I feel exhilarated with anxiety which could be taken for the anger I tend to take four deep breaths before doing anything else. This helps relax my sense of emotions and brings me into a calm. I’d rather relax than panic about needless things. Why be angry about something you can’t change? By breathing you can then move your thoughts somewhere else, and relax. If time is making you angry realize we don’t have enough it to waste on being angry. I for one would rather live happy than mad all the time. Another step you can use to make anger a fleeting problem is to exercise every time you feel angst about something. This is not healthy for your body, but it also maintains a calm when you finish. You’ll forget what made you made in the first place.

Your eating habits could be an issue

A large issue with society these days is our ability to gauge on fast food which is extremely unhealthy for us. This food can actually harm our inner balance and make us have diseases that make anger happier. We’ll become angry that we have a disease or could die, and then we continue to eat the bad food. Where is the logic in that? My best advice for someone who eats a lot of bad food is to cut down your sugar intake by cutting out soda, sugary drinks, and anything that causes your heart rate to rise. ( It’s hard I know. I cut soda right out of my diet. I pretty much drink water, tea, and coffee. Not completely healthy yet.) But once you cut out soda you can then work on changing your food habit because you may have a few extra dollars to do so. Trust me, this change is extremely beneficial for your personality, and body.

Anytime you’re angry to listen to music

I encourage people who are angry a lot to listen to music when they feel that angst. Music can help relax the nerves, and you may even sing along to the songs. Another neat thing you can do is write. The best time to write is when you’re angry about something. Rant for your heart’s desire, and till you realize the real reason you are mad. If none of these methods work then I suggest going to a more vigorous self-help a program like an anger management program. However, I doubt one will be needed if you use these little tidbits of information.

Anyways, Thank you for reading this. I hope it helps a few of you. Comment, like, and follows are appreciated. Thank you again.



6 thoughts on “Why be Angry?

  1. This is really thoughful and helpful advice. I relate to listening to music and writing as an outlet to anger (and stress). I also find exercising to be a great way to calm down. I’m definitely prone to anger but recently I’ve been really trying to calm myself down because you’re right, anger is useless. I’ll take your four breaths advice to account. Nice post 🙂


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