Beyond that place

Her hands pressed against a door made of hard steel. Light purple glowing decorative symbols littered the door like child’s graffiti. She was told by the elders this door lead to another world. A place of beauty, dreams, and desires. The powers behind the door were said to grant to you immense abilities but it would drain you mentally. Maybe, impair your memory a little bit.

This door was off limits for most of the neverian elves because it had such a mystical air to it.  Neveraian elves were taught to live off the land, hunt, kill, and use any method that would keep them from using their magic. They were the first elven tribe that refused to use such magic. They were the first of their kind that found destructive power in magic. Magic is life energy twisted into desire. If they desired to kill the magic would kill for them, if they desired to be rich the magic would do that at a cost. Magic’s cost is either a sacrifice, blood, promise, or even their own life if they were trying to do necromancy. Her father was not a Neverian elf by blood but by choice. He left his clan that thrived off of mystical powers to come live a more peaceful life. His marriage to her Neverian mother who was a tribe leader at the time was looked at in disdain. It was frowned upon so much that the tribe killed her father, and locked her mother up in a cage for disobeying the pure blood.

The tribe raised her as the half blood. They were afraid the door would call her to it with words of sway. Her slim fingers gracefully traced over the door as imaged of a lake popped into her brain. What did the elders say?  Freedom at the cost of someone’s life is no freedom at all? Purple locks waved  behind her back from slivers of wind, and glowing sapphire eyes blinked at the door.

If she opened the door where would it lead? The tribe had no idea she knew where the door was. But the lore they spoke gave her plenty of hints. It was like convincing a kitten it wanted to play. She uncovered the door sitting in the middle of the forest west of the tribe. It was built by dwarves who use to inhabit the area, but as the forest became overgrowth their cave was starting to get harder to live in. Then the Neverians came around to strike a deal. For the price of weapons they would convert the forest into a more inhabitable place. The trees got hanging wood bridges, and the treehouses littered the forest floor. On the ground, they built caverns for the dwarves. It was peaceful leaving for the most part till one dwarf traversed too close to the door.

The elders spoke about the dwarf to other dwarf elders. Then they kicked the dwarf right out of the forest. It was a sin to breath the air of this door but it was like a calling. Nerine could not understand why it was such a sin. The door did nothing but glow. What was the point of that?

She went to turn around but before her feet could meander away a full blown gust of wind knocked her backwards against the door. A loud cranking noise echoed through the forest, and her gut sank like a boat that got shot too many times. “ Please don’t be doing that, please don’t be doing that.”

The door swung open as fast as a pro baseball player’s ace throw. A weird purple glow engulfed her pulling her into the swirling door. Her mind felt like it was sick as the world twirled around her. When the spinning stopped she was surrounded by tall buildings, and weird humans talking on an odd device.

Plumes of smoke, and exhaust from cars surrounded her. People spoke in odd tongues, and laughed when they looked at her talking about the lady in the costume who looks more like an elf than anyone has ever seen. Flashing lights went off trying to take her image and pawn it off to the community through a tiny device. It made no sense to her, but I guess neither did the door that brought her here.


Tune in next time to read more about this elves adventure into the modern world. Anyways, thank you for reading, and as always love comments, likes, and follows.

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