A cat is a best friend

My favorite companion is a cat. They are quite unless they want food. Today, I have both a poem about my cat, and the reason I believe the only other companion we need aside from ourselves is a pet in our life.


Spaz’s Greatest Gift

Yonder is thy soul,

As it tries to prevail,

Trekking through powdery snow,

Wiggling my curly fry tail,

Staring at the back of a featherless crow,


I lie low twisting my claws,

Unsuspecting is the crow’s neck falling limb,

Tears from my angel display an ice show cause,

It’s wings are trim,


Wonder is thy soul,

Outgrowing the petulant worries of a gift unveiled,

Paws pressing gifts towards toes,

Her hands entangled around feather’s frail,

About the sweetest taste of tomorrow

My cat is a bright orange creature who reminds me of a dog than a cat. He is often standing in front of my door waiting for me to come home so I can feed him. When tears spread down my face, he is always right there. Pets are creatures that we take care of so that they don’t die in the wild. I am an adamant animal lover.  This little creature of mine is not just my best friend, but he is a cute being that makes me laugh just by nuzzling me. If there is anything that we need in life it is ourselves. But we should always have a pet just to be there through our hard times, and our good times. Cats are amazing. They chase flies, run around, play with you, and purr. Anyways, I dedicate this post to my best friend Spaz. Thank you for being there buddy.


5 thoughts on “A cat is a best friend

  1. Those “bright orange creatures” have a way with their owners, I know because I have one too. They are real friends you can rely on waiting for you to come home and nuzzing is their game also, using their paw to get your attention particularly if they want more food.

    Yes, a companion for life provided you are good to them obeying almost their every whim in exchange for their nice purr and innocent look!


  2. I am a cat person too. My cat, Baxter, is also an orange tabby. He is a large boy, weighing in at about 19 pounds. He is one of the most beautiful and adorable cats I have ever known. While there are certain humans that I probably love more than I have loved my cats, I believe cats are the greatest creatures on earth. I agree with Mark Twain when he said: “If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve the man but deteriorate the cat.” Of course, one would also need to consider how this would affect a woman, although I think Twain would say that the effect would be the same.

    I’m afraid I cannot make comment on your poem. I have never been good at unpacking poetry. Oddly enough, it is not necessarily metaphors that give me the slip because I have no problem with metaphors in general. In fact, I find them very valuable when analyzing something, especially in the personal sphere.

    I do not know whether you have read any of my blogs, but Baxter usually moves his way into them, if only briefly. I invite you to check them out.

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