If you went right

Before you went left

If we went forward

Before going backward

If we could of stopped time

Dreamt of a future

Worked for an angle

Struggled for something real

If we could flip the book backwards,

Read the story like Japanese

Enjoy the weather of

A winds breeze through our hair

If we did not follow that sign

Taken the dead end

Drove up that forest

Fallen down that hole

Taken that swig of good old whisky

We were calling out like wolves

I could hear the thunder

Before you left

Last tickle of your heart

Fading like a distant bird

If you went right

My hands would not be bleedin

Tears of poison

If we went forward

The howling of wind would of been non-existent

If we could of stopped time,

Paused before the fall,

Before the crash,

Our dreamt future

Would of been a good one,

Distaste sipped through

Your phone beeped

The culprit of our crime

Written in black were the words

“ Why?”



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