The Natural difference

Paws out,

Glowing eyes reading movements like,

A reader’s eye twitch,

He waits,

Awaiting for a single movement,

As white wings flutter onto,

Red petals,

Slits from the sweltering sun,

Shine on it’s dark center,

Pink licks,

White snare ready,

The creature leaps,

Flicking it’s tail,

As the fluttery wings,

Escape just in time.

I love animals. I believe they show a side of nature in which we can see the world grow. My favorite animal is a fox because it has so much lore, and hate surrounding the cute little innocent being. I’ve heard plenty of debated that humans aren’t animals because we can thing. ( Ha, where did that logic come from?) There is a long standing debate that humans aren’t natural animals. We are above animals to some.


I don’t believe we are above animals. Actually, I think if it wasn’t for technology we’d be fairly useless against the jaws of a shark, or the squeeze of a snake. We should treat our pets with super kindness because they are aware that we’re taking care of them. Have you ever seen homeward bound by disney? The movie covers the animal’s view of being a pet. I found it cute when I was a kid.

There is Natural difference between us and animals. This difference is not the fact that we have thumbs, or a bigger brain. It’s in the way we hunt. Animals hunt without regards to who their prey is. They kill for necessity. This change makes us more sophisticated, and cruel. All animals have a habit of being violent to one another for territorial, mating, and other needs. We kill our own people for our own selfish needs. Humans kill humans to rule other humans, feel empowered , and to just shine their anger around like a candle. We are a disgraceful race in the animal kingdom.


We have the power to not kill each other, and be satisfied with what we have. But we chose not to be. More importantly, we have the ability to be kind to others, and all creatures but we decide to murder each other, and kill creatures. It’s disgraceful when we kill a fox who stole a chicken because we humans need that one chicken to make eggs. When the fox may have needed that chicken to feed its family. Is it right that humans can be selfish, and other animals can’t?

If we are so above animals shouldn’t we be able to think with clear minds? If we are so above every other being on this EARTH shouldn’t we have the right to make self sacrificing decisions that save other creatures? Why are we so focused on making other human beings miserable, and down when there are bigger problems with our world?

We should that naturally we are stronger than most animals which means we should protect most animals. Our nature is no different than an animal but we fein that we aren’t animals. When we feel rage, anger, sex, and other primal feelings we are giving in to our animalistic instincts. However, we pass it over as just feelings, or emotions. Humans have this innate idea of control. It’s scary really.  Truly, I don’t think we should be fighting one another over minimalist ideas like religion, color, believe, and love. Were better suited for more important fights such as the love for life.
Anyways, thank you for reading this today. If you have any input please comment. I love comments, and I try to respond to them by the end of the day. Thank you.

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