Books, Books, and MORE BOOKS


The reason I will always love flipping a page with my fingers and not a click is that I love the scent of a book. Yea. A single scent can make you feel pleasure from reading. I mean we do the same thing with falling in love. Our nose determines first if we like someone or not. It’s really funny that the same can be said for books. The power of books have taught children to have an imagination, enrapture themselves in worlds, and has had a major influence on the movie world. I mean without books some of the best movies may have never progressed to where they did.

The best books are real books


Maybe, I’m a bit stuck in my ways. I like reading a real book because the pages bleed with the author’s hard work. When I read from an E-book it’s like I’m reading this horrid text that wasn’t given enough proper care to be bought as an actual book. Ebooks can be written in numerous types of texts and it doesn’t exactly cost a lot to make which can be a good thing, and a bad thing. However, they are cheap to buy, and tend to be semi-worth reading unless you’re me.I can’t seem to envision images when reading ebooks. I like that intensive moments we have right before we flip the page for an awe dropping moment. I cried so hard when Dumbledore died. It was a huge tragedy to me.

My book suggestion for you to buy


Anyways, due to our chat about books I wish to share some of my favorite books with you which you may or may not have read them before.


  1. Harry Potter – No ONE CAN ESCAPE HE WHO SHOULD NOT BE NAMED- well unless you’re Harry of course.
  2. The clockwork prince series-infernal devices- by Cassandra clare. Most of you have probably watched the shadowhunters series of her books after this series. Trust me. This is the prequel to those, but they’re great because they show raw reactions to events.
  3. The calling- endgame done by James Fray. Yes. People will call it a hunger games copy but there are some redeeming qualities here.
  4. The Raven Cycle- by Maggie Steifvater which is a story with loads of romance. It’s a fantasy novel.
  5. Mister- by Lauren Blankley is a steamy romance.

I’ve read most of these on paperback, and re-read them several times. I think having a paperback book means it is re-readable even if the universe gets rid of the web. Honestly, I like permanent things over non-permanent. Anyways, share with me some of your suggestions as well.

3 thoughts on “Books, Books, and MORE BOOKS

  1. That is a great list of books.. I love the touch and feel of a book, the smell of a brand new book, the pages still crisp… I touched on that feeling in my post as well.


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