The struggles of writing a story


Any story that we write is in some way already written. It’s a sad but true story. We can write stories with twists, turns, plots, and ideas but most our writing is inspired by another writer. I like to call this the power of reading. Writers need to write so readers can read. It’s like how people need to breath air in order to survive. A reader has it easy as they flip through pages yearning to know what happens next. The writer of the story is where the struggle lies. Any great story was not written overnight, or in a week. Stories are the blood, sweat, and tears of a dreamer who sees the world in a very different light.

Imagery is like trying to color between very thin lines in a coloring book


I find that one of my struggles with writing is forming empowering images that the reader can connect to. I don’t tend to check my images but when i’m in a writing groove sometimes my imagery can slack. I like to get action down before imagery. Why we need to start reworking our images so that readers can envision our story better is because with new technology people would rather flip through pictures than actually read our words. We can see the power of imagery in video games which the recent E3 conferences showed us how crazy video games are becoming. Thus, every writer struggle to make a book be able to create the pictures of a video game world. We can use imagery in poetry, books, novels, short stories, and blogs to create beautiful pictures in the mind. I feel reading is like magic really. We read with the ability to create the world we are reading in our head.

Dialogue should flow effortlessly


I love writing conversations in a story. It’s hard to form the right sentence to make it sound like something that would actually be said in real life. I mean really hard. However, when it is done correctly we can get the true effect of conversation. A person’s speech says a lot about them. Just like a writer’s ability to convey a conversation on paper says a lot about their skill as a writer. Dialogue is what we speak, how we speak, and the phrasing of our words. “ What should we do karmen?”


“ Rise up, and use our swords.” This sentence answers the one above so naturally. I feel that we need to work on language flowing off the page as writers. The real struggle here is making the words believable.

Writing descriptions


Another struggle people have with writing as a writer is trying to create descriptive scenes without being overly descriptive. I have this tendency to be over descriptive because it’s in my nature.  I like to call it a problem I have. My idea of a descriptive scene is littering my pages with similes, metaphors, and personifications that sometimes make no sense. It’s important that your descriptions reflect really well about what you’re trying to display.

The over known struggle called distractions

A writer’s worst enemy is our own life. I think we can get distracted from the internet, television, people, and work that makes our minds spend a lot of time not writing. I mean I for one have plenty of distractions from video games, work, school, and daily life that makes it near impossible for me to actually sit down and get my writing down. But alas, I force  time to write. I like to consider myself an odd ball. I have this problem where I can just write on a blank page with an idea of something, and just get it out there. I’m an odd ball. Writing for me feels almost natural but at the same time it makes me feel strange because I have hard time with grammar. ( The bane of every writer is grammar…I swear.)

I find that I just finished watching the E3 gaming conference, and makes me see the power a good plot has with a game. If you don’t know every game out there has a writer making it’s story. The video game world thrives off writers just like news, movies, and television series. Thank you for reading today.  I struggle with writing a lot. Hopefully, I’ll have chapter four of into the gray out next week or in a few weeks.


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