Rebuilding after the slaughter

Today, I am going to build along the post I did yesterday about the Pulse Nightclub. We as a society are mourning the loss of not just the LGBT and Gay community, but people in general. We are having to rebuild our ideas by understanding gun violence doesn’t just happen in particular areas, but it happens anywhere in the world. Every time a mass shooting happens we as a community, and a Nation have to rise together to try to figure out how to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.  Rebuilding is a necessary part of our community because it allows us to understand what is wrong with society.

Funny Story

Every Time a mass shooting occurs it tends to be the most tragic one compared to the ones in the past. I don’t see how we can put a scale on the meaning of a life compared to other lives taken. When mass shootings happen we shouldn’t speak numbers, but talk meaning of the people’s lives that were taken. Why does the news focus on a number when numbers just enact a competition with gunman? It seems that as we see more of these the gunman are aiming to be the deadliest, and become the most known shooter compared to shooters in the past. The problem is not the massacre, but the people who shed so much light on it. ( I know it’s counter what I’m saying)

Let’s pause for a second and make a prayer for those lost

-inserts prayer moment-

Alright, so how can we rebuild from this mass shooting to help victims, and prevent issues?

I believe if we stop being angry at shooters but try to bring love among society, and express love among one another. It is not about hate anymore. It is about love. We need to love one another before we can allow ourselves to get consumed by the political anger.

I know this blog post is short, but it is because I can’t stress what love means enough, and that our lost ones from all mass shootings should be important.


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