Understanding a killer?

Last night there was a really terrible night club shooting in Orlando, Florida. I happen to have a classmate back from high-school that lived not even three streets down, and he is gay. In my eyes, killing is a needless event. What do we get out of ending another person’s life? What does the killer get out of killing enough people to get the death sentence? I can never understand the reasoning behind killings, but today I will try to make sense of such a traumatic occurrence.

What we know so far about what happened

Fifty people were killed after a gunman rampaged into a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida around two in the morning on Sunday. The shooter had an assault rifle and a handgun. So, he was prepared to kill someone one way or another. President Obama considered the act “ an act of terror and hate.” Which, is exactly what it was. If the shooter did this in a regular bar the same could be said. There is no difference between shooting up a gay bar or a straight bar. However, due to it being a gay bar there is a very real chance the shooter had homophobia, and chose to do what he did in the gay bar to rid the world of these people. ( In my eyes, they are human beings, and killing any human being is an act of hate. I mean look at war.) A police officer responded to the incident in a brief gun battle with the shooter before retreating back into the Pulse nightclub. This shooter then took hostages before the police raided the building around five in morning. Police used a flash bomb to distract the killer before they shot him dead. Thirty people were saved last night. At least, fifty three people were hospitalized including one police officer. From what I am hearing the gunman called 911 declaring that he is in alliance with ISIS.


Unfortunately, The Isis group has created an opening for people to do acts of horror and claim that it’s an act of Isis ever since the Boston Marathon killings. We are living in fear in the United States because a terror organization is so open that people are getting inspired by them. I don’t understand why people get inspired by a group that is known for killing people publicly for no reason. We know that the man had anti-gay sentiments but did he really have connections with Isis or is he eating at the fear of the American people? This killer was not dumb in any regards because he knew even if he was not apart of Isis that the claim would cause panic among people. It’s obvious when a killer shoots people he’s doing so for either a reason, or to just kill. I believe this man was not killing with a specific reason because if he was it would of been one person dead, and no other’s. Mass shootings usually don’t have a specific goal in mind. It’s just kill who you can, when you can, and don’t stop. A truly tragic part is that the shooter does not care about his own life either. There really isn’t much people can do when a mass shooter unleashes on the public. What I understand is that he pledged his allegiance to Isis on the phone.

What’s unfair about these shootings

Due to our extravagant reach with social media there is a possibility that mass shooters are now competing with each other to see how many people will die in each shooting. It’s sad but probably true that most mass shootings with pledges to ISIS are comparing what they do to the Boston Bombing. These claims are making an unjustly judgement against Muslims, and middle eastern people. It’s causing American Muslims to get scared because they think everyone is going to judge them. It’s unfair to judge a person based off a percentage of crazy people that think kill. I mean the man who shot up Sandy Hook Elementary was white. Yet, people aren’t fearing white people. I believe if we’re going to judge one type of religion we judge them all. I don’t believe we should live in fear. We are helping the shooters by giving so much coverage on such shootings. I mean a young artist named Christina Grimmie was shot and killed the other day, and there wasn’t half as much coverage on it as there is for a mass shootings.

What should we do?

I don’t think we should be divulging ourselves into the mass shootings with so much coverage. By allowing these mass shootings to be portrayed on the television people who are or want to pledge to ISIS will feel more prompt to do something crazy.  I don’t think killing is right no matter the situation or the person being shot. I don’t think that we should judge because anyone can be a killer. We’ve forgotten about the fact that anyone can pledge to ISIS.

Anyways, Thank you for reading this, and to those that we lost today I am saddened. Thank you for reading this today, and I hope that you are saddened because of the fear that Muslims have to live in because of a radical group. My condolences to those lost as well. 



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