Simplicity is our best friend



In a world so complicated most of us want a breath of fresh air. I find this breath to be simplicity in it’s greatest form. I’m not talking about simple as in there being only one way to do something, or simple like it’s easy. Nothing should be too easy, if it came too easy than something is bound to go wrong somewhere.  I’m talking about those days we walk down the beach and look at a squirrel who hops across the path. We find that moment simple, beautiful, and expressive as the creature climbs its way back to its family. We can hear the crash of waves as they lick sand, and boat engines in the background. These sounds resonate a calm within us in the early morning hours. This feeling starts our day making it easier for us to deal with the more complicated parts of life later on.


Let’s make things simple again


I miss the old days where we use to have to play outside, or have to talk to one another when we see each other. I wish for simple days where our cell phones don’t rule us, and our conversations are littered with more than just emojis. I believe in talk. Simple talks from the weather to how are you. I feel we’ve become immersed within the internet that we breath numbers not air. ( Jk JK )


Pleasantries of keeping it real


Have you ever heard the saying “ Let’s keep it real.” I like to think of this saying as a way to inform friends that you don’t want an acquaintance ship, or that you get the logic of what the person is saying. I like to use it when discussing simple matters right before things get complicated.


We should be like cats


Cats are simple creatures who wander around your house only yearning for attention, food, litter change, and outdoors. A cat’s life is a simple one. If we could be like a cat it would be great. I mean I totally did a poem for my cat. Funny. But I want to share it with you today.


Yonder is thy soul,

As it tries to prevail,

Trekking through powdery snow,

Wiggling my curly fry tail,

Staring at the back of a featherless crow,


I lie low twisting my claws,

Unsuspecting is the crow’s neck falling limb,

Tears from my angel display an ice show cause,

It’s wings are trim,


Wonder is thy soul,

Outgrowing the petulant worries of a gift unveiled,

Paws pressing gifts towards toes,

Her hands entangled around feather’s frail,

About the sweetest taste of tomorrow
A life with simplicity would be boring though. If life was simple I think I would die of boredom. I can’t stand living a simple life. Complications keep life interesting, and I believe this makes me very happy. Anyways, thank you for reading this, and hopefully i’ll have the rest of chapter three up, or chapter four started for intro the gray. Thank you again.


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