We live a lie


What if the world was really only populated by one billion people, and that the one billion people are set in a single area breathing out of a machine. The air we think we breath is an illusion, and the water we think we drink is just our bodies alerting a machine about a function? Could you imagine that the lives we lead are really just us inside a virtual world being made by one billion people and only a percentage of them are able to run everything. Death just means we leave the virtual world and end up back into our real life.

What if when we wake up from our slumber in this world, and find that all the technology, and history of the human world was a lie, and we are aliens trying to recreate a place that once thrived. Could the world we live in have copies of ourselves in a different gender, and this copy is what we think is real love, but the reality is it’s just a clone. Could you live with that?

What if when we began to live our real life after dying in the virtual world and uncover that the creatures we thought we knew were all lies, and they were just being mechanically manipulated to develop our instincts. Could this mean that we lives and dies in multiple centuries but we lost our memory every time we died to hide this secret?

Are we really truly human beings? Do we know for a fact that what we think, hear, see, touch, believe, and find out is truly fact. I wonder if any of it is real, and I ponder what death really means. Maybe the spirits we see are the remanence of someone else’s copy. Our ideas don’t belong to us because they are implanted by a machine.

What kind of a transformation would that be? Could you imagine a world far beyond flying cars but now has flying spaceships, and flying boats. Would we be so developed where individuals were capable of mastering several skills? Would all animals be dead, or would we be able to figure out the meaning of life, and save some animals.

Is there a possibility that we live our own lie, inside a lie?



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