The Mountain that we climbed that day

Everyone climbs a mountain at some point in their life. No. I do not mean we climb Mount Everest, or that we climb a physical mountain. I am talking about that mountain that we mentally endure everyday. This mountain can be in the form of stress, love, pain, sadness, school, an important achievement, and a dream. I believe climbing mountains are apart of life, and tend to have the ability to make us stronger as a person. Are we carrying the world on our shoulders like Atlas? No. However, this belief is common when depression over rules our heart. So let me divulge into our types of mountains, and how the size of these variations can affect us.


The mountain of stress is a lot like Mount Everest in the mere fact that we don’t always have a means of lessening our stress. Stress can weigh us down like a backpack full of bricks while walking up six flight of stairs. Sometimes, we feel like there is no end to this amount of stress, or that it won’t go away. I think that we have one life to live, and to live it stressing out everyday is like saying “ I’m going to climb Mount Everest” but halfway through you quit. You just can’t quit on yourself. This is the problem with life. We either stress too much about the small stuff, or we don’t. I believe that stressing over simple things is the worst. Everyone has a particular way to sift through stress and make it easier to bear with. I tend to exercise, listen to music, and write to relieve stress. Our mountain of stress can feel endless but for all our stress there is always moments of happiness.


One of the best mountains we climb daily is Love. I believe love is not defined by the word but by the actions of others. I can’t say that love won’t be one of those mountains that you accidentally fall down, but it could be. I do believe we all need to love even if it’s in the form of loving family. The best feeling in the world is to feel cared about, and I think we all need that. I love my cat, and he loves me. There is no need to question how I know a being that can’t speak loves. But if I have to I will say I can tell because he nuzzles me, curls up next to me, and when I’m sad he taps me on the cheek till I laugh. Yes. Words are lovely, but if we use actions with our words it makes a better impact. This is one of my favorite mountains mentally because it never feels like a weight. It feels weightless and balances out the daily stress we have.

Pain, and Sadness

On the opposite end, we have pain and sadness that can ultimately kill someone. I mean if a person can’t bear this mountain and loses the will to live they may end their life ultimately. I find a mountain like this is the hardest one to climb up. We have to balance this out with love and happiness. But sometimes there is no end. It’s like a constant wave that crashes into the shore trying to lick at us until we have had enough. Don’t let this mountain push you over the ledge.


We go to school for a majority of our life to face crippling debts, and unmanageable jobs. I like to call this the classic mountain of the United States. How do we make enough money to effectively not have to be held down by it. I can’t see how this mountain will get easier to bear for our youth as skyrocketing debt is all over the U.S. But hey, once we have that piece of paper this mountain gets more manageable.

Dreams and Achievements

We dream big to accomplish big. This is the American dream. Is every dream we have effective and doable? Maybe not. But we will fight for our dream like no other. I find one of the greatest films  to display our mountain for this is Zootopia. It expresses our ability to accomplish what we want to do if we put enough effort into. Technically, if we put enough effort into something we could achieve everything.

Mountains, Mountains ,Mountains
In the end, every mountain we climb is meant to be there. Everything happens for a reason, and it makes us who we are. It molds us into the human beings we are today so that we can go forth into our future. Hopefully, the mountains you climb feel more like small hills right?


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