A place of difficulty


I grew up in a place where fights were consistent, and apologies were constant. My father was not exactly in his right mind as he always dove into the computer screen, and when my mom argued about it he would fight back with fists. My route of escape for me was to read books like they were a life-line. I dove into Harry Potter, Hobbit books, Eragon, and many other books that took my imagination to a new level. I think that this began my interest in writing like it was a life-line.

I know that my story is common among many. I don’t think my origin story makes me as special as Spiderman, or Superman. However, I think I can write origin stories about epic superheroes, or characters that make people’s imagination lust for more which is a far better experience than delving into my past at the moment.

I’m going to tell the origin story of Ristina. My main character in this story is a fox demon. Yes.

It all began with the Arison wars. Bloodshed and peril followed suit of the war.The war lasted for over three hundred years, and left desecration in it’s aftermath. Four artifacts were used to end the war, and some may say the war never ended in the first place. Creatures known as shadows haunt the world now. Here lies the tale of the end of the war this traumatic war.


A young fox mistress stood staring out into the starry night sky, knowing her child would never know her real father. Silver hair flowed endlessly down her back, and crystalline blue eyes like the day sky blinked for a second. Her smile wavered as she thought of her elder son who was old enough to take over the throne by now. His father had divorced her for another woman leaving her son to hold regret against his younger sister who was next in line for the throne after him. They may not be full blooded siblings but the weight of the crown would break their innocent relationship. It would tear the kingdom apart as most siblings have been known to do.

A mage dressed in a dark blue robe with gold tassels walked up to her laying his thin hands on her shoulder. “ If you die Lady Yusari, what should I do?”

“ You should take my daughter and send her to my brother Striker. Who will act as her father. The object I have has been given to Lord Kazar.” Her eyes drifted from the sky to stare at the mage’s emerald eyes. “ Allow my son to take the crown if anything happens to me. Can you promise one thing with this?” She turned her body allowing the golden gown that hung loosely from her body to sway with the wind.

“ What is it my lady?”

“ Tell Lord Kazar to give Ristina the sword when she is ready. For the power may make her exactly like her father. A terror upon the world. “

At those words Darien let go of his queen. He turned to leave the balcony of the castle that overlooked the city. “ I see you have finally arrived.”

“ Hmm, you were expecting me I see.” A shadow crouching on the edge of the railing spoke with his wings unfurled, and purple eyes glowing with the night sky. He leaped at her with little warning. His claws struck her neck soaking in blood, and as the blood eased her life away an arrow came from inside her room. It struck the vampire right through the heart, and back. It was too late for her.  

( Any advice, and help with this is welcome. I’m not entirely sure how to divulge the origins part of ristina. )

Anyways, thanks for reading. It’s quick, short, and just a piece. But I think we are like superheroes. If we think about our own life, and how have the ability to chose where we go, then I think we can have hope in the future. 





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