Have you ever been so embarrassed that you just want to hide under a rock?



I have a few stores for you about embarrassing moments that I have experienced. Most of these are relatable to both genders I hope.

  1. What do you do when you have gum stuck in your hair?


One day, when I was about the age of eleven there was girl who would pick on me daily using nasty words, and making sure that I felt bad about myself. We took the same bus, and I sucked up the problems she gave me for the most part like most people. There was this day that I was walking towards the bus after school, and all the kids chuckled behind me. Apparently, she had chewed gum, and spit it into my hair.  I had never been embarrassed as bad before this event. My anger was like a rocket trying to take off. I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out. So, I stepped back let her get on the bus first, and then got onto the bus. I chose to sit next to her, and punched her right in the nose. By god, that was the most satisfying moment for me. My mom lopped off my hair, and I got in so much trouble the next day. ( Word to the wise, don’t beat people up ever. It’s the worst punishment afterwards. Regret.)

  1.  The moment your pants get stained red at an early age


Sometimes life sucks for us girls. We have a thing that makes us bleed when we really don’t want to. In my case, It’s always been unpredictable so I have to just base it off of my mood swings. When I first had it I was in elementary school, and the age of eleven. Most girls had not stepped into this domain of the world yet. The school had nothing to help me with because early ages ones were not expected back then. Well, I got the day off, and a stained pair of pants. Funny right?

  1.  The moment you trip when you shouldn’t

I always have this klutz in me sitting and hiding. One day I tripped down a few stairs, and felt that no one was looking. But when I turned around the guy I liked just laughed at me. Oh jez, he just laughed. Then he came to help me up. I was so worried that he would just walk away.
Now, that I have covered a few embarrassing stories. Let me hear yours? I have a ton more of secret one’s. But I won’t share them till I hear more of your stories. Thank you for reading this small post. I should have another into the gray post up today considering it’s thundering out.Look who just dropped another song. ( Yea, I know….we all use to hate Bieber. But hey his music has evolved just as every human does. ) 



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