The power of Games


I would like to say we have the first knowledge of when games started but the reality is that we don’t. Games must have been played by the cavemen children before written words ever occurred. I can imagine these games being in the form of hunting games like whoever kills the biggest bore is the coolest kid, or for the woman whoever crochets the prettiest wins. We need games in our lives to entertain us in ways that stories can’t. Games are just as much a part of the human nature as growing up is. ( I swear I’m still a playful kitten even though I’m in my early twenties.)

Outdoor Games

If you’re anything like me your parents threw you outside the minute the afternoon sun shined, and called for you back home the second the sun dropped. Well, I got to be outside even longer than that because we played a lot of outdoor games in the dark. There is a reason our parents did this. It wasn’t just to get rid of us. ( Blasphemy, that has to be the reason right?) Playing outdoors is an activity that made us have to be active. It meant us having healthier bodies to help equip us for sports in schools, or just to keep us at a healthy weight. I remember playing capture the flag block wide where we chased each other all around the block till we got the flag. ( We were runners on my road. Ironically, none of us went into the track, but we all could run a mile without fail if we wanted to.) I remember getting tackled in football into a pile of mud and then being thrown into the water at a lake to wash me off. I think the importance of outdoor games is to keep us healthy socially as well as physically. When we are outside, we had to be creative with our games from role-playing, making mud pies, chasing each other, and hide and seek there was always something we could do. This made us have more of an active imagination or a restless syndrome where we can’t sit still.

Board Games

I think one of the things I miss from childhood is the way we played Board Games when Outdoor Games were impossible due to weather. The games I played ranged from Monopoly, Risk, Candyland, and even UNO. I think these types of games helped us develop a better sense of the way countries take power, how to handle money, and to learn socially how to accept losing. ( I was always a loser. ) I feel unlike stories these games acted to teach us early in life money management, and idea creation. Board Games were a way we could lose at something but not feel like a loser. If you remember playing Monopoly for over twelve hours you knew that losing wasn’t option, but dammit you would lose anyways. I can’t imagine what I would be like without these games, and I think the same can be said for most.

Video Games
Are video games probably the most debated about the type of game since they came out in the early 1960’s? ( Not entirely sure if that’s right.) Video Games are games that can be played off an electronic. I grew up with the Nintendo 64, Gameboy, and even the PlayStation one. I never owned the original XBOX. For someone who played a lot of outdoor game-show did I have time to invest in video games while attending school? I managed to play Zelda Ocarina of time, or any Final Fantasy game when I got a chance. If not outdoors, or doing homework I was playing that in my room. I think these games have a power too which is why they have been innovated into every new system since. Video Games are a tool to tell stories that we can play as the hero. Who doesn’t want to be their very own hero?

The imbalance of Games today

Today, we are seeing more addiction to video games and fewer children outside playing. I think this mainly due to society’s sudden fear of each other. The news reports a lot of tragic events that involve children so parents have become apter to let them be indoors. This is causing an imbalance in their health, and it’s forming our playgrounds to end up empty in the middle of the day. I am a passionate activist that it is possible to balance play outdoors, and play indoors. However, I am not a parent. So, I can’t really argue that one person is doing a bad job or what not. I just wish I saw more kids playing outside in my neighborhood like we did.

Anyways, over the coming week, I will have another chapter of Into the Gray up, and a few trending topics, with a discovery post. Feel free to comment with what you did as a kid, and like, or follow the blog if you wish. Thank you again.




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