The adventure of a meandering unicorn

Today’s discovery is going to be the reason I feel Unicorns are real. Yes. I am going to prove to you the impossible today. So keep your eyes, ears, and hooves open. A meandering unicorn is not a creature that we see every day for these mystical beings try to keep themselves hidden in fear of being hunted. People began to hunt these creatures back in primal years because of their magic horn that could cure any disease. Humans were becoming greedy as the cure of the unicorn horn was allowing certain ones to remain beautiful, and youthful for longer creating a product that could instantly make a man rich.

Unicorns were plenty, and abundant for a long time by masking themselves as your average horse. They would counter the hunt by hiding their horns with magic. The only reason this magic would fail is if they die, and most humans wouldn’t realize their horse was a unicorn till after death. This went on for ages till another massive hunt would occur. Humans began to hunt horses. Slaughtering normal creatures for hopes of a horn out of one. Unicorns began to feel bad for their brethren and decided to reveal their horns to the humans so that horses would live free again.

Again the slaughter happened, and millions of Unicorns were slaughtered till there was just one male left. This male horse could not make new unicorns as only female unicorns can produce another unicorn. He is the last of his kind living alone to forever wander the earth in hiding. If you find this creature you will either leave cursed, or be forever happy.

Things not to do when you see him

Do not feed him. If he is fed by a human he will become angry and turn another darker shade which will provoke him to kill. Please do not try to ride this free creature as he will buck up, and knock you right off. It’s best to just leave him alone for a free creature should always remain free.

Do not take his horn

If you are a hunter trying to take his horn I warn you….life will not end well. You may be showered with riches at first but the curse of the horn as that anyone who owns one dies young. You may not age but you may not gain any age which means you die a horrific young death. There are museums cursed because they hold a single horn in their hands. The curse can carry from one person to children even if the horn is not present. So, if you’re’ having a stream of bad luck just blame your ancestors for stealing a unicorn horn someday.

However, if you spot a unicorn and never bother him you will forever have good luck. Anyways, Thank you for reading, and let me know if you find the last remaining  unicorn.


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