Into the Gray- Chapter two

( As promised this is chapter two. If you have any input, and help for me let me know. Thank you dears.)

Here is the slug-line for the story too:

Knives are quick, sharp,and  fast, can Alana pull the one in her back out before it’s too late?

Alana is falling into the gray of her life where the innocent life, and the life of a fugitive are mingling like two unwanted friends. She can’t walk away from her first love, and she can’t forget what he holds on her. If one could just hit the pause…she’d have never allowed him into her life. Will she sacrifice it all for him?

There was still little to no information as to her whereabouts. I held a little torch as it flickered next to a tiny buzzing  fly. Gosh, insects were the worst of creatures. They liked to suck drops of blood out of our veins then leave like ghosts with only a mark leftover. A shiver went up my spine as a gust of cold grazed by.

Wafts of fresh perfume and salt mixed around me. Flames flickered about as people crowded around a silver cross with torches. Whispers of accusations went around the crowd like we were a caged Cobra about to be released into the wild.

“ Kinda creepy, Right?” Rachel whispered in my ear as tiny flames licked the tiny ends of my hair. It’s a Monday about three months after Amanda’s disappearance, and the moon sparkled down on the ground.

“ Jez, your gonna light my hair on fire like that.”

“ Oh, get over your hair. You’d look good bald.” Laughter erupted from Daniel.

A man walked over to the cross wiping tears from his eyes. If I remember correctly, this guy was Amanda’s older brother who would do anything for a buck, even sell out his own sister. The crowd tended to calm as he stood there like some sort of cue was made for us all to be silent.  Except  Daniel. His laughter tended to echo throughout the area.

“ Amanda is a great girl. Some of you know her as a cheerleader,” A pause as a group of girls hollered out cheering for some reason. “ others as a girlfriend, perfect A student, and an activist for community services.” The president of the school nodded her head at the words as if they reflected the feelings of the entire school- as if.

“ I know her in a different way. She was complete brat as a kid super glueing the toilet shut, forcing our mom to use a public restroom for a day, decorating the floor with chocolate syrup-” He gulped  as tiny tears slipped down his face as if his sister’s absence actually meant something to his drug addicted self. “ The little prankster causing so much trouble. Maybe, this is her form of a prank.” A little huff of laughter passed through his lips like hope was draining out of his soul. He couldn’t speak anymore as tears flooded down his face, and his body shook like he had just shoved a needle under his fingernail. Deniel was shown on his face. He wouldn’t accept the fact that she was gone, and maybe gone for good.

“ It is on this day that the withering family invites you to attend a small celebration in honor of Amanda. There will be music, donations, and a box for any clues as to her whereabouts”. Our president spoke in placement of her brother allowing the booming sound of authority to reach even the troublemakers in the back of the area.


My little torch was starting to flicker out like my need to pay attention. Did I really miss Amanda?  It’s only been about sixth months since her disappearance, and already the school is deeming her dead. Flyers had been ripped off the memo boards, and her missing Facebook page has long since been dead.

The funny part about this disappearance is that her recent replacement, a new ruler, only made my life harder because of my current situation with Aaron. We were consistently entangled in each other pressing our skin against each other at any chance we got. I couldn’t resist his muscles, or strength as a quarterback on the football team. God, just thinking about it made me want to get frisky. Around here the only fun we had was by having parties with illegal booze, and drugs, or enjoying the new found glory of sex. Most the students at our school were spoiled. It’s a public/private school that attends to every type of financial situation.

Lately, our sexual encounters have ended in arguing. Our arguments were over boys who looked at me, or the way I treat his friends, or some other random problem like homework. No matter how many nights I spent with him our status remained as friends with benefits due to him still being hung on the bitch that disappeared. Neither taken nor not taken. I can’t win a war against someone that isn’t around to defend herself against my onslaught.

The crowd began to disperse like ants. Most of them were only here for the show of public kindness. I wasn’t sure why Aaron was walking over to the cross, but I knew that he wasn’t going to the funeral. He bent his knee and wrapped a bracelet around the cross before standing back up. The bracelet must have held some meaning between the pair of them. But I wasn’t going to show any interest in that. After all, Amanda was not my favorite person in the world.

I turned to walk right into Rachel with my torch slipping between my fingers. Embers began to smoke from the ground before we looked down.

“ Shit, Alana, Your torch is gonna light the school on fire.”

“ Better the school than us?” A huff of laughter passed through Rachel’s lips.

“ Yea, “ Her feet began to stomp out the flames in earnest. “ Please  don’t ignite  the little torch.”

“ Rachel, you’ve officially gone insane.”  

“ I know, I know.” After the embers were stomped out we decided to trail back to her house. My house was too much of a hassle at the moment, and her parents were rather lenient compared to mine who were starting to get angry about me sleeping over “rachel’s” so much.




A girl of about seventeen walked up to a quiet gas station. She was wearing a white tank top with skimpy jean shorts, and beat up niki sneakers. Her golden locks were tossed around like medusa’s hair would be with a bed full of snakes. The breezy air tasted like ocean, and in the distance waves could be heard crushing against sand. There wasn’t much in the area aside from broken glass on pavement, and garbage thrown about without a care. A few cars drove by uncaring about the darm BMW that had driven into the parking lot of a rather messy gas station.

In faded neon lights were the words Hess, and the sign was tilted as if someone kicked the sign over the building. It’s more likely a bolt of lightning struck the sign. A wiff of gasoline, and booze mixed with a scent of strong body odor met her nose as she walked into the building for the  gas station.

“ You all right pretty lady?” A man at the counter set down his black phone as he eyed her like candy. He had a scruffy beard, and a bottle of booze next to him. But he wasn’t oblivious to the shape she was in.

“ Yea, I’m fine. Can you just put twenty bucks worth of gas in that BMW?” Her voice tinkled with seduction. If she used charm on him it might be possible for him to give her a deal. But the twenty three year old man had no soul.

“ Are you with your parents in that car?” His tone was concerned but curious. Nosey. She hated nosey boyz. They always wanted to stick their nose into things they don’t understand. Nope. The man in the car was one of the men that would say anything and pay her money just to call her beautiful for a night. Money was a thing, and the accident with her boyfriend meant she was going to need every bit of it to pay back for the abortion. Her brother was too busy laced in cocaine, and her parents were too much of coddlers for her to want to break their good standing in society. Instead, she opted to rid herself of the boring life of education, and grades to trade it for what she was doing now.

“ Yea. My dad is lost around here. Do you of the nearest hotel? We were driving towards the highway, but took a wrong turn.” She pressed her body against the counter trying to act like one of the college girls she sway on television. But her words weren’t fooling him any.

“ Yea, that’s what all you high school girls say when you run away with your college boyfriend.”

“ Does this happen often?” Her fingernail ticked on the counter in passionately.

“ Usually, by the time they get to the hotel, the parents are already aware. But it looks like you’ve been quite the traveler considering your hair.”  He opened the cash register, and placed the twenty bucks in it setting the gas up to be loaded into the car. She walked away from the man with a smirk. Little did he know she was about to make a thousand dollars off this night.

The man in the car wore an expensive suit as if he was a businessman, and his aftershave skin had a few bumps from shaving too roughly. His pearl green eyes reflected in the moonlight as his thin hands held onto the gas tank. A tuffle of dark hair stood up on his head. He was a man with money, and was on a mission here to get lucky with this dweeb of an underage girl.

Squealing could be heard as he drove off from the gas station with the girl. They twisted, turned, and drove through red lights till they came upon a dark pink neon sign with the words “ Motel six” on it. A hotel. Perfect. The building was a grayish white with dark blue doors on the outside for each room. It looked like the exact hotel from American Psycho the movie.

Amanda twiddled her thumbs nervously. It wasn’t her first time on the rodeo with a stranger. But for some reason her twitch of nervousness made her feel like something was off. Her halloween costume was ditched in a trashcan miles and miles away. The car stopped within two white lines for the parking lot. “ I’ll be right back babe.”

“ Sure thing.” She crossed her legs hearing the song by Justin Bieber called ‘ what do you mean’ in the background. Her hum of the tune passed through her lips. When the man made his way back to her they had two hotel keys for the same room. He had no other clothes than what he had on, and the same went with her. They traversed inside the door unaware of a dark figure watching them.

Later that night, Twenty cop cars had the motel lit up. Over the walkie talkie words like “ One body found, male. Traces of yanked blonde hair on the scene. Must be a homicide. She musta killed him for the money and left.”

“ Not an unheard of crime scene. But we won’t be able to match the prints till tomorrow.” The cop talking now was setting up caution tape around a black BMW, and drawing out footprints for possible help with ongoing investigation.
Somewhere in the woods, A man dressed in black with splats of red was digging up mud, and dirt to create a hole. Amanda’s limbless body was thrown into the hole, and he covered it up swiftly. No one would know where she was, no one would know what had went down. Her prints were all over the crime scene rather than his, and he managed to ensure the setup looked like she ran away. Wasn’t his first body. But no one would understand where she went for a long while. Long enough for him to graduate high school, and disappear with Alana his only problem would be Daniel. This would be a problem for another day.


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