The unorderly process of writing

Writing is an activity that stimulates our brain to form sentences out of language. Our language dictates what types of written sentences are formed which determine how a person writes. Everyone has a process of writing. We utilize outlines, notes, blank pages, topics, and other means to create a written work. I believe words are the way to communicate to each other. We use them even with other countries when we don’t understand the spoken language. A writing process should be orderly right? Wrong. I don’t like the idea of living with the order. The structure might be needed, but the order will bore.

Prewriting stage

I like my writing stage about as chaotic as my life. ( Not really.) My favorite way to write is with background noise and a blank page. I have a hard time planning out my stories because my ideas just kind of flood my brain. My way is to start the story out, and then flip around until I figure out the start, middle, and end. After this, I start my chattering sequence which makes filler spots possible. Outlines feel more like a restriction to me than a guidance. I read an outline J.K Rowling had on a piece of paper and makes me shudder. I tend to like my complications in a story, but I want them to flow. Maybe, I should really get into making an outline sometimes for a story. ( It might add some more depth to my story.)

Chaos of writing

Writing is never simple. I wish it was. When I write essays for a class my first instinct is to form an outline. However, the outline takes time, and by the time I need to write it…it’s too late. Let’s just say I’d rather throw out words on a blank page for an essay and push it with all my might. I have the same ability with any creative writing processes. My poems tend to flow out without much push from me, and the same with my stories. It could be a gift, but I call it a curse. I can’t work with outlines which means I need to remember everything for the story. This makes me a huge airhead outside of the writing world. Funny story; I wrote a small erotica piece in one hour that was almost perfection. It scared me really.

Why be orderly?

I believe the order is needed. Order in paperwork, money and supplies may be needed but I don’t think we should make our words orderly. I preach the freedom of words! We should be free to say what we want, and write what we feel!

Now that I have covered orderliness, how about that blank page we never read?
Blank, Blank , Blank
Revolver clicking empty,
I can’t scream,
Silence like a church,
Tripping on the puffs,
Staring at clouds,

I hear it,
Blank , Blank, Blank
His revolver clicking empty,
I see red like flames,
Shaking with fear,
Tripping on the swirls,
Staring at the ceiling,

I see it,
Blank Blank, Blank,
Revolver clicking in rhythm,
Sirens like angels,
I can’t stand,
Tripping on my salt water tears,
Staring at the ocean,

I can’t hear it,
Silence like a church,
Darkness like a villian,
My heartstrings struck,
By an invisible man holding a revolver.

The poem is my little piece for a blank page. I was just gonna leave it blank, but hey why not have some fun with it. Thank you for reading.


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