Fantastic Discovery: E-Cigs can Blow up!

Today, I came upon this funny discovery. You know the new trend for people is to pick up an E-Cig and smoke it over the regular cigs that have an unhealthy smoke. I would like to say this change in society is a good one. Heck, it could be saving my lungs, your lungs, your children’s lungs, and so forth. But here is a silly discovery….they can blow up right in your face.

What are E-Cigs

E-Cigs are called Electronic Cigarettes that are battery operated to deliver nicotine with flavorings, and other chemicals to use as a vape instead of smoke. Lately, My town has become littered with new little vaping shops, and some of them have a pool table. ( Yes. Apparently, when you buy flavorings you should also play pool.) These E-Cigs can be manufactured to look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, or even like everyday items like pens, or USB memory sticks. ( Or maybe, a vibrator if you wanna be creative.) Currently, there are more than 250 different brands of these which are similar to the way regular cigarettes broke out into the world.

Funny Fact

E-cigs may be acting as a healthier alternative to smoking but the cig still has nicotine in it which means it’s unhealthy for the user no matter what. There is little development on if vaping smoke is healthier but my rationale is that any smoke is dangerous. If you inhale too much smoke from a fire it hurts your lungs. I would like to the same theory could be used here. ( Not that I’m going to judge. I still stand by people who smoke traditional cigarettes, and I don’t smoke at all. I like taking big health risks…jk)

When they blow up they hurt

I’m pretty positive anything that blows up in your face is going to hurt. Across the world, there are defective E-Cigs being sold. Defective E-Cigs are those that must have a malfunction with their battery due to it being operated on the battery. What may happen is when a person puffs through the vape’s container it might spark and thus cause an explosion. I think this could be a cause. However, due to the industry being new there is very little regulation, research, or even interest in figuring this out because there are millions of dollars in profit here. Money speaks over safety.
What this discovery means to me

I may not be a cigarette smoker or user but I am certainly an advocate for safety. If someone standing next to me had their E-Cig blow up in their face, I’m positive I’d get injured too. I think the discovery itself is funny, silly, and interesting but we need to form a better scientific understanding of this new product on the market. It is not only a new trending way of trying to cure nicotine addiction, but it’s also used with Marijuana. A lot of Mary-Jane smokers use it to help disguise the weed smoke. I would certainly like to understand why there is so little regulation with these…

Anyways, Thank you for reading today’s fantastic discover, if you have any input on the topic please comment, like, and continue to read. I will be writing a daily prompt today, along with more silly topics to come. I will leave you with a song along with this topic. ( I am avid music listener.



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