The embodiment of stories

Stories are the power that feeds our imagination. A story is a conveying of events in words using images, metaphors, and other elements. It is a narrative that is shared by cultures as a means of entertainment, education, cultural, and forming moral values. They started as spoken words used by tribes to express teachings for younger generations. These stories involved life lessons that would often pertain to how to hunt, make clothes, and heal. Oral stories were hard to keep track of, and as years progressed people began to write words on tomes to help keep track of their own work. Funny that thousands of years later the need to keep track of writing is still seen by writing platforms, notebooks, and many other ways.

Types of stories

Throughout the years, there have been multiple types of stories from epics, books, fairy tales, narratives, historicals, and personal stories. We have the bible which is one giant epic if you really think about it. It had to be written by someone, and the stories within the book are awfully synonymous with the Greeks old Epics. Our culture thrives off of stories, created religion off of stories, and made personal stories. We are an imaginative race which is a gift that most other creatures around don’t have. A cat can’t tell a story, and a dog can’t speak our language. Humans are truly powerful because of our ability to use our imagination to create.

Common stories

I find that as I grew up I was told fairy tales as a child. I think one of my favorite fairy tales was snow white who awoke from a slumber completely due to a kiss. It was romantic, and tragic all in one. A beautiful twist to most stories. My second favorite was Narcissus and Echo because they express a lesson about being too self-absorbed in life. I may an eccentric where I found Adam and Eve a tale of love and betrayal in which humans have it in their nature to betray. A cat can’t betray another cat. However, a wolf can betray its pack. The closest animals to humans are wolves because they hunt in packs, exclude other wolves, and fight over territory. This may be why werewolf stories are so commonly read. So, I ask what common story do you love?

The power a story has on us

One of the greatest examples of how powerful a story can be is in the epics of the Greeks, the bible, and other religious texts. I say this because these stories have caused wars, sought out righteousness, formed cultures, created followers, and empowered minds. If the stories of religion don’t express how powerful words can be to the mind then we can look to more modern aspects of life.

Today, people are spending money to watch a story on a large screen. This is called the movies. Movies are stories and the expressing of stories through video and images. We have a television which does the same thing. In fact, more people are spending time watching rather than reading these days. I believe reading gives us more freedom with our imagination. But I do understand why watching a story is fun because you can watch a story while doing other things. Whereas, when we read we need our complete attention to understand the words on the page.

Why writing will never die

I don’t feel with the impeding technological age that we writers will fade into the background. I believe that stories will still continue to thrive in the world. But maybe not in the way they use to. I’m sure the change between oral to written happened gradually. It’s possible the form of writing will change with the oncoming age of newer technology. However, it will not fade.


Again thank you for reading this. I will be working on a memorial day post for tommorow. Along with another chapter reveal for into the gray.

On a side note, songs are stories too. I wish to share a song that recently came out which tells a story about aging. It’s been one of my favorite songs over the past few months.

2 thoughts on “The embodiment of stories

  1. Stories will never fade or die. The movies are made out of stories written by people. Writing goes over centuries since the beginning of man (drawing in caves etc) so, I don’t see this going away soon. Great post


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