Drinking out of a sippy cup


I feel like life is a lot like a tiny sippy cup. We are constantly bottled down by stress, troubles, problems, addictions, loves, and pain. When the sippy cup gets too filled we begin to spiral downwards as if it got too much of a burden to walk with. Our little sippy cup will empty and refill without too much help, and we will feed it like fiends. I like to call our sippy cup of life the one thing that keeps us going. We should try to empty at the halfway mark so that it never gets overfilled.

Sippy cup of troubles


There are many troubles in our life from daily work problems, financial problems, craziness, and every day issues. Our cup can overflow to the point we find addiction crawling towards us ever faster. We will use any way to crawl our of the stress by blaming others, taking it out on inanimate objects, being ridiculous, and often times we forget about the people around us. This troublesome cup is one the fastest one’s we refill, and often it feels endless like an amount of stress that just can’t be emptied.

Sippy cup of fun


Then we have our sippy cup of positivity that we should hold on tight to. We want to fill this cup up so much that it overflows because it’s our substance to life.Positivity makes us happy, brings us better things, and makes us leap for joy. When something positive happens I know I leap for joy, dance, and skip around like a little school girl. Without this happiness we would fall into depression.

Our countless efforts

In the end we make a thousand efforts to just keep us. We do this in form of drugs, exercise, positive body perceptions, numerous social groups, and attending to what relieves the stress. Everyday can feel like a burden for someone depressed. Your best angle is to relax. Not everyday should feel that way. My best advice to those overfilling the sippy cup of troubles is to focus on you. No more excuses, no more blame. You call your own shots. You have control of you. Don’t let a drug rule you, and don’t let your mind over play you.


I would like to share some inspiring music to go along with this blog;



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