Like a Grain of salt

There is an idiom in the English that says “ Like a Grain of Salt”. When we use this we’re usually referring to the idea of not taking something seriously. I’m going to get personal here again. Not that being personal is a bad thing but I’m going to touch upon some serious issues that people who face drug addiction go through, and the end result is that we need to treat anything they say when their out of the drug with a grain of salt. It might not sound like the best solution, but maybe my little life discovery here can change your mind. So, let’s talk about a trending drug called Marijuana. Most mistakenly believe it can’t be addictive. But much like any drug, it can be extremely addictive, and taxing on a person. You can absolutely give everything you have to someone, but when their off this drug anything you do aggravates them.

What is Marijuana?

I like to call it Mary Jane or the drug of pleasant calmness. It’s supposed to make the user relaxed, and often gives them the munchies. The drug is a dry, shredded mix of flowers, stems, leaves of the hemp plant called cannabis salvia. Its smell is often a sweet-sour odor, and can often be clouded by a nice smelling candle. Currently, most states have legalized this drug for medical reasons, but our country is currently fighting to make it legal everywhere.( But like every drug there are problems with it when it is abused for so long.)

Signs of abuse

There are many behaviors that can give signs of abuse. Most users of Marijuana abuse will deny they have a problem when they are out of the drug because in their mind it’s not even a possibility for a drug like this to have an effect negatively on you. But oh god, it can do a number on you. I have a mother and a brother who both face this addiction. Trust. It’s not pretty. First, they have distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking or problem solving, ongoing problems with learning and memory. The user will have bloodshot eyes, constant mucus filled coughs, rapid heart beat,munchies, dry mouth, anxiety, paranoia, fear, poor memory, poor coordination, slow reaction time, loss of control, and addiction. A drug that makes people so happy is often more addictive than any other drug even though the supposed overdose is just being tired, exhausted, and happy. An overdose on Marijuana won’t kill a person, but the fall when the user is out could kill their loved ones.

Issues with the drug

Long-term Marijuana abuse can and will always lead to addiction. A person addicted will continue to chase after the drug regardless of social, family, and obvious harmful effects. When a long term Marijuana user tried to get off the drug or stops for any reason there are numerous amounts of bad symptoms that go with it. What leads users back to Marijuana is the need to stop the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include; irritability, sleeplessness, decreased appetite, anxiety, and drug craving.

Most common use

Marijuana is often smoked like a cigarette. Most people smoke it out of bowls, joints, and hookahs. They can lace a blunt with it, and make it hard to really focus.

How to handle a family member with an addiction

I can’t honestly answer how to handle a family member with the addiction because I am currently watching two people go through it. The drug is ripping a mother and son apart because they are allowing it to. She can’t live without, and he can’t live without it. But they refuse to help each other. I get yelled at for absolutely nothing when she is off of it. I like to take her arguments and disruption with a grain of salt because I am not the problem here. The drug is. It’s hard to face that but it’s true.


In the end, with impending changes to the law more addiction for this drug may occur. It might be a curve to deal with pain medically, but is it truly as great as everyone pushes?



Lastly, A hasley video of one of her songs which is one of my favorite.


Thank you for reading. Today as promised I will be posting my revised version of my story so look forward to that.  Thank you again.



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