My little saga cat

Let me begin this tale with the words that not every creature is sane. Not every sane being is truly of this world. The creature I am about to express here is of my own design. He is neither evil, nor good. But neither here, nor there. For my discovery today, I am going to write out a few little scenes I have that involve my little demon cat. Then I will proceed to explain how this creature came to be, and who he really is. ( The inside scoop on him)

Deep within what human perception sees as Alcatraz; an American prison now rendered useless on a lonely island. The water around the island was a beautiful bright blue with sharks , dolphins, and whatever else swims in its dark depths. At first human glance of the shore there is a sandy soft beach that connects to an overgrown forest. From the overgrown forest a Rocky path reaches and winds to a hill that an abandoned, nearly falling apart prison rests.


While humans see an inactive prison building those that are super natural and can see over the glamor see a prison made out of metal, and the toughest stone possible. This prison is 10 floors; 5 that are visible, and 5 that are deep underground. At the lowest level of the prison rests 5 super naturals that have are by far the most evil beings. Some are thought to be figments of children horror stories.


Kamora Sanchez an old Alpha female pureblood werewolf resides as one of those five. Chained by complete silver that has small needle like points placed randomly along the chains to keep her from gaining any significant amount of strength. She betrayed her own pack by refusing to allow a male mate to help lead the pack, and would kill any possible male mate. Though that is a small crime tacked on to her record.


The record reports that she sent her pack to obliterate all other packs , and by all every single pack ever created. Her ultimate goal was to be the only alpha werewolf , and have the ability to help maintain a human / vampire war. While punishing those loyal to her by death. This makes her numbers of deaths dealt by her hand alone about 3 million. Permanent exile at Vile prison was her punishment.


Across from her prison cell rests a door with a red star carved into it ; Each prison cell is enclosed by metal doors that touch the ceiling, and because food for each of the 5 prisoners is different the doors can prove who is who. This red star carved door holds a creature that is tall but very skinny. It’s cat like bone and figure is notable. Bright glowing green eyes, and yellow sharp cat teeth that are in a permanent form of a grin. Ever hear of the Cheshire cat in wonderland? Well, this is him when insanity dropped on his door. Often small ramblings can be heard from his cell, added the door takes anyone’s hand and forces blood from it to feed this malicious creature.




” Last stroke of midnight, and the vile shall see evil, and the evil shall seek redemption. For the faithful see lies, and night dies with an utter cry. Ravens as black as the night crawl for salvation. No one can escape my master.” The rambles of the boned cat inside the red star carved cell echoed inside the room.


” Cat why do you ramble so much nonsense? “ Kamora snickered as a loud sound of metal doors opened wide. This door was tall , and wide as well as it was the doors for those that feed, or need to talk to the permanently exiled.


” Brother , I know you said it couldn’t be this evil wonderland creature, but something inside me screams that it is” Leona spoke finally thankful that her memory was returned however the glamor memories were erased. Her plan is to give most of her blood to the creature hoping to ensnare it when she doesn’t die.


” But , I don’t want you to be hurt.” Sebastian patted his sister on her head aware of why each being was inside the prison. ” But if you must , I will permit it.”


Leona made her way to the demon cat’s door her white flowing gown showing every once in awhile bit of white leg. Once she was standing in front of the door she placed one hand inside the red star. A sound of the creature crawled to a spot where a tube reached right under the door. Typically his food would die, and he would become somber for a mere two hours then return back to his normal ways.


A large metal wrist band clamped around so that it connected her hand to the door. Then several small needle drived themselves out of the metal wrist band. A whimper escaped her lips as the star began to the glow blood flowing down into a tube to feed the creature.




So, what is this crazy creature that holds so many secrets? He is a demon. Yes. A demon cat. My idea of him is that is a ghost. Dead but not dead. He feasts off of vampire blood to keep him of the mortal plane, and tends to do what he wants. He is partly inspiration from the Demon cat stories of washington D.C and partly of stories from wonderland. He’s smart but daringly clever. The symbols for his door are actually the summoning signs for who raised made a pact with him from hell. This person was a vampire but broke the pact with the demon. When this pact became broken he ate the vampire whole. Alas, he did not go back to hell because another vampire summoned him. So, the ritual goes that if you someone the GREAT CAIT OF HELL you will have great power, riches, loyalty, and followers. But that your soul will age like a human, and you won’t be able to sustain life for long. In other words, the creature feeds off of vampires to the point it takes a vampires age along with blood.


He is my saga cat because he will be involved with all three of my books of fantasy for this novel.Let me just add, he is not of this world. So, alas , he could end up in any of my books. My little traveling ghost. Maybe, I will add him into some of my posts too.

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