Dreams keep us going


I am going to get a little personal on this one because I feel the one thing that we all hold onto are dreams. They are what we see when we sleep, what we want to do in our future, and the goal we all want to achieve in life. Due to this, I believe that dreams are our most important part of life.


My life has been littered in troubles as most people have been. I was born to a disabled mother, and a father who couldn’t seem to get his act together no matter how much he tried. He spent eight months in jail for abuse. But alas, this has nothing to do with my current situation I am in. I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, or telling a story that everyone would just love and never forget. I keep telling myself that this is a possibility. But most tell me I am dreaming too big. The best dreams are the big ones.

My current house situation is rather bleak. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m twenty three without a license, and living in a very bad home due to the conditions of the house that my uncle doesn’t want to take care of. I live paycheck to paycheck, and my uncle who makes money wants to evict my mother for some reason. I don’t understand how you can evict someone who pays a bill. But true to my heart I will keep burning.

This situation has only fueled the fire for me to want to write better, and to make a living writing. I know that the greatest dreams are accomplished through determination, and skill.  My dream to be a writer is what is pulling me forward in such a hard situation.

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.- Oscar Wilde

For me, Oscar Wilde’s quote means that dreamers are often the one’s up late trying to accomplish their goals, and succeeding. No wonder I am a night owl belting words on blank pages. I can’t imagine a world where dreams are taken from us. I don’t want to dream blackness, or not have an idea of where I want to go. I believe writing is a calling much like a person has a calling to be a nurse. If you are a writer you can’t just stop writing. If you do your entire world falls. I believe in writing, and passion. I think dreams keep us moving forward in a world that is so wrapped up in technology, and themselves.

I want to be the type of writer who makes money, and gives back to the community. I want to live comfortably knowing I am doing what I love, and not being restricted by it. The writing dream allows me to create worlds that I have never faced, and enter battles I have never seen. In a way, My dreams make me feel richer than I really am.

“Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart.”

William Wordsworth



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