Where is the love


Songs are a way to express our innermost feelings through the sound of an instrument. The greatest instrument we have as human beings is our voice. We can form many different tones with the sound of our own voice. Every song has it’s own meaning which can form solace, happiness, anger, and even jealousy to spark in a listener.  However, every great hit song out there right now has lyrics that can relate to others, and a beat so catchy it’s almost painful.


Birds sing in the early morning to make music for the world. I believe music is apart of our soul. Some people are born to sing, some born to play an instrument, and others to write the music.  Certain songs are uplifting, and others relate to loss. Today, I am going to try to utilize the lyrical sense of a song, and create lyrics.

I remember the days,

When we were happier than kittens,

More playful than tigers,

And enjoyed the sunrise holding fingers behind a windshield,

Drinking beer like teenagers,

Talking like strangers,


        You were the first fleck of light,

         The sparkle of your raven hair,

          Your river eyes,

           Way we hit the next day ,

            Under a basement of dirt,

             My clothes left on the side of the pool of the forgotten,

           Stripped bare,

              To the music of a silent church,

                We climbed our loyalty to that stronger than friends,

                   But weaker than lovers.


We use to lay for hours in your car,

Talking about dreams,

About life,

Playing tag with our words,

Till we were too tired,

And rays of sun displayed another sleepless night,


         You were the first slice of cake,

       Tickle warm palms,

         Coal eyes,

        Way we hit the next day,

            Thrown away on a pile of sheets,

         My soul left on the side of the road of the forgotten,

           Taken by a little hare,

   To the music of lighting crashing down,

        We climbed our pain all the way to the moon,

But the spaceship erupted into tiny bits of metal.


Talking like strangers,

Touching soft skin,

Laughing at the strange street lines,

Pondering how we got so lost,

Uncovering our dreams,

Discovering our souls,

We played tag with our words,


A twist of fate,

How could you fake it,

Till you break it?

Your river eyes,

Way we hit the next day,

Craving each other’s lips,

Within an entanglement of soft velvet,

To the music of whispers of ecstasy,  

We embraced our black rose of rust,

As if it was the last speck of dust in the room,


When we were happier than kittens,

More playful than tigers,

And enjoyed the sunrise holding fingers behind a windshield,

Drinking beer like teenagers,

Till we were too tired,


You were the first taste of hope,

Your fresh addictive scent of ice,

Your pools of despair,

Way we hit the next day,

Under a basement of dirt,

My soul left on a grave unspoken,

Taken by the little white rose,

We are the forgotten, beaten, broken,

A song should have a beat, rhythm, and a set up. There are many different genres to music, and songs. After writing this, I still do not know what type of genre it would fit.  Anyways, due to the topic I feel I should share with you two of my favorite songs ever written.


The black eyed peas – Where is the love because it discusses the racial issues we see in the world.  I can’t help but love this song, and listen to it daily.  I feel that this song still relates to our everyday life right now.  Just because it’s an old song doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. I just wish it was played more on the radio.

My second favorite song is another old song.


Onerepublic- Say ( All I need)
I love both these songs. Anyways, have a great Saturday! I will be adding another Fantastic discovery post in the coming days. Along with another entry with my own writing. Songs are our hearts shown through sounds. Without music, I think the world would be a lot less vibrant, and fun. So, let’s give it up to all you musicians out there! Thank you for making our hearts vibrant. 



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