The apology you never gave me

Everyone feels they are entitled to being given an apology when someone else does them wrong. But did you know you are going to have to apologize to that very person? Apologies are meant for tragedies, and for extreme accidents. There will be days you will never get an apology back, and there will be days we do. But the dead can’t hear our apologies, and we can’t hear their apologies. Today, In my diary of Fantastic Discovery I wish to share one poem, and then divulge how I discovered that our greatest apology should be to ourselves.

Whispers of Death

If it all ends tomorrow,

There wouldn’t be a single shred of doubt,

Or worry

Moments shaved into the abyss,

Forgotten within the ending,

Do we freeze when we see it?

Do we crawl into the glaring street lights?

Do we jump into the raging fire?

Brakes squeak,

Twist from your body,

A twig strikes right through,

Did you manage to finish that text?

Forgetting to tell someone you love them?

Forget the never ending sorry’s?

Is there guilt strewn within your mind,

As you forget the one’s who gave a damn,

Forget the people who pretended to be there?

Quality always comes before Quantity,

Will people actually show up at your golden casket?

Your abrasiveness to only care about you,

Checking Facebook,

Constantly surrounded by a swarm of squirrels,

Doesn’t the noise tear you?

Doesn’t all the noise blind you?

If it all ends tomorrow,

I’ll remember the smidgen of a scar you gave me.

Pain is within us all. But the worst pain of all is losing someone before you can apologize for all of your mistakes. But first, you should apologize to yourself. Apologize for not being strong enough to say what you needed to. Apologize for being selfish, or for withholding something from someone else. We are human beings. We make mistakes. The first part is to accept that , and the second is to understand that we don’t know what will happen till it happens. In the chaos of life, we can’t expect everyone to apologize. But maybe they aren’t the one’s in need of an apology. The greatest apology is to forgive yourself for what you can’t change, and accept who you are. Tomorrow is a new dawn. Just keep trekking on dears. Today , we discovered we need as much of an apology to ourselves as we do to other people.



3 thoughts on “The apology you never gave me

  1. I do get it that we need to apologize to ourselves for the utmost hurt we put ourselves through with all the criticism and self doubt. But apologizing to the person who has done wrong by you, I don’t think that should be the case in every situation. Some hurt done by people just cannot be forgiven. No matter how big an apology comes. 🙂

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