Fantastic Discoveries of Building Bricks


So, if you do not know today’s daily prompt is about bricks. Everyone has built some form of a brick in their life whether it be an emotional block, or a physical barrier against your neighbor. My discovery today is how we work so hard to build a better life but that our efforts are often misused, or misguided.

Societies massive brick

We are told when we are younger that we can achieve anything we want to achieve. The American dream is just that. A dream. It dawned on me that society has formed a brick. This brick is in the form of the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Our middle class is now being overly taxed, and our poor can’t make enough money to sufficiently live due to  inflating living costs. We want to make it in life. We want to be what we want to be. However, only certain jobs pay enough money to allow people to live comfortable. Teacher’s make a fraction of what they should be making considering they are teaching the youth, and nurses make ten times more than teachers. A person who wants to be a firefighter may end up at the lower half of the median income for families. This block makes it harder for youth because people who come from higher families flaunt expensive phones, clothes, and tend to eat better than the poor. In fact, it’s unusual for someone who is poor to climb out of the poor income. My discovery here is that the American dream is failing us.

We build emotional bricks when things get rough

Another problem we tend to have is that when a tough situation greets us we begin to build emotional bricks to defend against the problem. What I mean is that when someone breaks up with a long standing boyfriend they tend to make emotional bricks to prevent a similar situation from happening again. We are a society that is scared to feel. This has made friends with benefits a good thing, and caused real relationships to break. Bricks like this can be detrimental or super helpful.  

Physical bricks

When a person dislikes their neighbor we usually build walls to keep them out, or away from our yard. However, we are creating a mental brick by using the wall to show that we do not want to be disturbed. Do we really need to physically display our dislike of our neighbor? Why are physical bricks against society necessary? I find that people tend to be scared of each other. They don’t want their neighbor to uncover secrets or actually care about them. Mentally, I believe a wall is kind of useless due to it just keeps people out.

Interesting facts
One interesting fact is that bricks can refer to writer’s block. We write until we hit a wall. Then we need to build bricks to try to climb over the wall. Anyways, these are just some discoveries about bricks that are not always physical that we face in our life.


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