He took me down South


If a man could Allure a woman with just a laugh…well, I’m pretty sure all the work in the world to court a woman would be pointless. Why? Cause she is already in love with a laugh like the comforting sound of waves licking sands on the beach. His laugh was just that. It could turn on a woman with just a  huff. He’s not that kind of man you’re supposed to fall for, nor does one ever fall for someone purposely.

  I could feel my mind roaming on the sound of his laugh as the car droned on forward along old route 66 in Texas. .It really just needed to pull over now Anymore of this and I’m pretty sure that black hoodie of his would be ripped to pieces, and my lips would be trailing down his chest trying to eat the bread crumbs that would lead me to his silken ice cream center.

No cars drove by us as slivers of silver shined through the windshield and making his smooth fingers gleam as they reached over the seat to feverishly trace my skin covered in cotton. Just by the way he was caressing in a simple up, down movement had my body quaking with the desire.. I shivered for a moment afraid that if I did take him we might just be road kill before the end of the night.

The radio changed from Jason alden to Sam Hunt House Party. We didn’t enjoy country music quite as much as the southern folk around here. But all the channels that did come in are country.We had beer in the trunk to celebrate one of our friend’s college graduation. Northern kids discovering the world of Southern parties.

The closer his fingers played towards my cream puff center the more I wanted to strip him down to nothing. A gasp escaped my lips as his fingers caught the edge under the cotton. But his other hand, and eyes were focused on the road. I needed to get the car somewhere that it could skid to a stop, and no one would peg the vehicle for public indecency. But hey, if the cop really had to stop, why not give him a show that he could masterbate to?  
His fingers were still desperately trying to tear through cotton, to stroke my core, and distract my mission. Noise from the radio turned down, and for an odd moment it made me self conscious of the tiny gasps of ecstasy that were creeping deeper into insanity.

At this point, we wouldn’t reach our destination for a week, and miss the party in the backwoods of a large house. All I knew of the south was that there wasn’t much here. I mean really… just cornfields, and farms lined the highway. It wasn’t like other cars were following us.

Thomas Rhett began to play in the background, and I couldn’t take it . Not for a second. I needed his smooth coffee fingers gliding over my core. My fingers tugged at the cotton, pulling it down, over my pale skin in such a fervor that a snake’s poison wouldn’t even have time to sink in. He continued to explore with his warm fingers teasingly edging me to just take him right there.

He clicked the blinker to drive off the highway. Thank God. Seven more hours of nothing on this road, and we might just have been an accident waiting to happen down the road. We pulled down to a stop light while neon colors spread over his black car. A gas station with old signs, and a broken sign sat on the corner. The only sign of life for a long while.

Whistless moans passed between my parting lips. Hell was far behind us. It wasn’t long before gas was placed into the car, and drove down the road passing a house about every five minutes. After a while, he drove the car down a dirt path, and  the car engine shut off, taking all noise from the radio with it aside from me. Faint yellow street lights cascaded over the window, with white slivers from the moon highlighting his fierce skin, and coal eyes.
My body reacted by leaping over the tiny space between passenger, and driver seat and forcing my lips to taste the edge of his lips trying to find the entrance in. Our tongues flicked, and licked in much the same way my pelvis was grinding along his hard ice cream center. The jeans covering his rock-hard cock tended to get in the way of my thrusts. Whispery moans escaped near his ear as I fore-played with him like two kittens would. It was weird to hear only my voice in the area against his breezy breathing.

I needed to taste his candy skin that would lead me to maple syrup at the bottom. My lips kissed his neck greedily at first. My mouth yearned to discover every part of his silken skin from the tiny arch of his shoulder, to the smooth of his chest. My fingers slip under the cotton hoodie trying to lift it up in earnest. His hands greeted mine yanking the cloth up, and over his raven hair.. I licked, and flicked my way down tasting the tiny bread crumbs down his torso.

Our hands met at a silver lock, trying to pull it down, and yank the Jeans off. The struggle was not so much with the lock, but with the cloth. He aggressively slid out of the jeans, as I slightly kneeled to kiss the tip of his rock-hard ice cream center. I started slowly  kissing the out skirts of his bulge like a loving cat trying to clean itself. I yearned to hear his alluring moans, his desire of want, as began to suckle around the tip while wrapping the palm of my hand around the bottom of his penis. His pelvis began to push against my tongue, moving faster, and faster. Ever so softly I tried to adjust the ice cream center to a better a position. The urgency of his thrusts allowed me to teasingly give him one last lick, before lifting my head, and kissing my way back to his lavish lips.

I began to kiss him in wildness this time. My legs straddling around his hips before merging with his bulge as one. I lifted my pelvis to slam into his rock-hard cock feeling the secretion from my cream puff center that released on every whisper of pleasure I made. I continued to ravishly pound him as moans escaped my lips of ecstasy. My fingers gripped through his raven hair with my words sliding between ears. Pools of desire wet his cock as if teasing it to take control of me. After a few longer thrusts we switched positions.

His coal eyes held mischief in them as he whispered to turn towards the seat with my hands twisting around the top. He mounted my but not in such a way a wild beast would mount it’s prize. It felt like the mount of an Alpha wolf as it gave it’s equal it’s need. At first, his hard cock pressed into my cream puff center. Gaps, moans, and a slight high pitched sound erupted in the car. His body raging into mine, as his breath comforting sounded next to my ear. I was lost with desire as wetness dripped between my legs soaking  up the passenger seat.
Thus, he took me down south like one of those southern girls under the moonlight. The rest of that night went down in a similar manner. When we did fall asleep we woke up to rays of early morning surrounded by fields of grass. We couldn’t do this up North. No way. No how. Welcome to South screamed in the back of my head. 



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