My best Buddy’s gender Change

My Best Buddy’s gender change

In the growing world of accepting gender changes, I have quite the story for you. The story is one that is unusual. Currently, our press is all about exploiting the fight over transgenders, and gender changed people’s right to use the bathroom. I honestly don’t care what gender a person is as long as they’re not bothering me while I do my business in the bathroom. Anyways, this story is super relevant considering it involves the process a person must make to actually change who they once were, to who they want to be, and how this change did not affect the way I think of this person.


My bestie since elementary school was a little boy Tom. He looked like Harry Potter, and we teased him immensely that he could do magic. We were best friends playing Dungeons and Dragons with sticks outside, rugby, Halo on the XBOX, Zelda on the Nintendo, and frisbee outside. When I got to be about 10 he began to delve into World Of Warcraft because he was about two in a half years older than me. His first character in the game was a female. Not very strange, not unusual for a male to main a female character. But as we got older his mind began to change. He liked the name Melissa and tended to ask me what it was like to be a girl. I loved him in a sense that I’m pretty sure he taught me what true love is. We never slept together, but I can still feel the tingles of love between us as friends.

In our late teens, he was  dating a girl who accepted that he wanted to be a girl, but she would not allow him to follow through with the changes. At age 21, he finally came down to my house to show me that his new girlfriend let him change his name. He no longer goes by Tom but is Melissa. A name change is just the first step in changing your gender. It costs money, and you have to be certain that you want to change your gender as well. I believe her ID officially has her marked as a woman.  In a way, this was a step. I lost the man I loved and gained a woman as a friend. Tom will never be again, but it’s still the person regardless of name.

Hello Melissa dearest
Melissa is currently undergoing changes to her body. She is gaining breasts, and will soon be changing her bottom half to fit a female. I would argue that she should still use a male bathroom. But honestly, if her name is female then she should be allowed to use whatever bathroom she wishes. Melissa is not just a friend, but she is still my best friend. I will vouch that sometimes your bestie will change, and it will teach you the meaning of friendship, and reshape your thoughts.

Dear Melissa

I am an advocate for your rights as a person. I wish that we chatted more now, but I know we are still best friends regardless of distance, and time. I wish your change goes over smoothly and that you don’t grow bigger boobs than me. But alas, I bet your’s will be bigger regardless. Anyways, Happy best friend day.


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