Fantastic discovery of creativity



Anyone who is an artist knows what creativity is. It’s our madness hidden deep within us that spreads like a disease onto paper, blank spaces, music, and many other places. Sometimes we don’t even realize were starting to go into a trance where only the page in front of matters, and everything else in the world fades. I like to call this madness of our creative mind. When we forget everything to just let our mind bring forth such magic we are truly gods. I am not saying that creativity sparks godlike abilities. But we are tapping into a part of our brain that is special. It’s not a place for weak of heart, nor a place for the strong willed because we are neither willing to let the words fall onto the page, nor are we aware of the words being leaked onto the page until it’s too late.


A lot like being blind


I guess what I am trying to aim at here is that it makes us feel blind. When we go into a writer’s creative block we are tapping into a place that makes us go into darkness till the words are done spilling onto the page. Our books are often the product of us mulling over our own darkness. I mean when I write it gets so bad that I don’t realize what is written till it’s too late. Do you feel blind as a bad when you write too?


Is too much creativity a bad thing?


Sometimes I feel like everyday life mulls, dulls, and forms my brain to get clouded. I like to call it a dust cloud. The best times in my life are when I am writing. If I cease even for a week from writing freely it’s like I forget everything. I like to call this a bad thing. We need our creativity but do we need it so much that we cease to remember important daily chores? No.


The overbearing writer’s block


If you’re anything like me writers block is the worst. My writer’s block gets worse if I am stressed. Writers block is often my death sword when it comes to certain projects. At times, I just give up fighting the beast. But never have I been willing to surrender for longer than a week. There are a few things that help me remove writer’s block, and some of these are by drinking tea, healthy stuff, and sleeping regularly. But most of all by inspiring myself. I will look up quotes that will inspire me to keep at. I found one of my favorite quotes is:


“Writing is a competition between the writer and the page. When the page wins, you fail as a writer.” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom
After all, the blank page is our enemy, and our minds are the weapon. I always wonder if our minds won more often than a page did would we have more brilliant books in the world? Probably. But my favorite discovery about creativity is that it’s not just an act of creating, but it’s an act of making something out of literal thin air. If you can create something out of thin air, don’t you think that’s better than walking on water? I certainly do.

Anyways, please make sure to check back weekly for my weekly discovery. I’ll be littering my upcoming posts with hints.


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