Fantastic discoveries about Astronomy

Fantastic discovery of Astronomy

So, if you did not know today is officially Astronomy day. By now, we have seen Nasa become a private industry. But still our love for the skies above will never cease. Maybe, someday we can all live Mars? Mars would be an interesting place to live. Anywho, today we are going to uncover some Fantastic facts about our own skies that most would over look on an average day.

Can you imagine?

We are only able to uncover five percent of the universe. This means the world above is more expansive than any of our equipment on earth. We know we are not the only solar system in the world. But the question remains are we the only one with life? Or is life in another solar system but so far out that we will never reach. Not even in a million years with high tech technology? Can you imagine another place with water on it like ours?

Our sun is more dangerous than we are.

Did you know that no matter how many atomic bombs we have on Earth our Sun can out beat that number in just a second. In just one second, our Sun releases about 100 billion nuclear bombs. We hardly even notice this on Earth.

Black Holes are worse than writer’s block

Black holes are dense and produce intense gravity that not even light can escape their gravitational pull. In comparison, A writer’s block is so dark that even when we do want to write nothing comes down onto the page. However, in a day or two we may spark inspiration which makes black holes the pit of life. Can you imagine if Earth got sucked into a Black hole? We would have no way to fight that.  

An interesting fact

Just because Venus is far way does not mean it can’t be hotter than Mercury. In actuality, Venus is ten times Hotter than Mercury. Silly. But truth.

The study of celestial phenomena at radio wavelengths, radio astronomy came into being after the accidental discovery of cosmic radiation by radio engineer Karl Jansky in 1933. -Honor Harger

In a fantastic way, we are all just ants in the universe, and our sun could implode over us at any given time. But we waste our time fighting petty wars and obsessing over greed. I think if we could all love the universe a little more we could love each other as well. HAPPY ASTRONOMY DAY!



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