That Night

A black car like a hearse sped twisting between the swaying snakelike creatures,

unaware of the sea of despair that awaited for its journey to end.

My hands yanking  at the passenger door as crystalline tears spread like aids down my cheek,

I couldn’t remember what he was so venomously mad about, what had I done?

My eyes could only watch the scene of myself like it was some sort of slow drama about to hit the hardest part.

He swung over me his warm hands gracing me with a slight pat on the head, before,

I was pushed out of the racing car with words that I could hardly understand,

was his foot on the break at all?

Twigs,  stones, and gravel, greeted my body as it hit the ground like one of those dying squirrels who fall out of a tree, unable to steer their own body, and plump to the ground head first.

I could feel liquid washing down from my knee, it was warm like his fingers,

How fast was the car going by now? Why were we speeding up a hill?

My mind was a whirl like a pool of confusion, and angst,

His black slick phone rested in my pocket, teasing the urge, teasing the pain,

I made the call, the call that would forever haunt,

They said not to move, not to walk, and that a vehicle,

of bright lights, and white would arrive as a beautiful bird would too it’s dying child.

I could make out a faint view of translucent dark blue,

the pool of despair reflected the crystalline aids falling down my face,

If Ice was cold, fire was hot, and death was stone, I would be consistently,

foraging between the three as my body stepped through twigs, making its way to a giant

snakelike creature, and sliding to rest next to the trunk of it.


At the tip of the hill, overshadowing the pool of despair, was a figure,

Tall, glinting, diamonds in slivers of silver light t, his body was reminiscent of someone, but from this distance I couldn’t be sure if I was hallucinating, or hoping for a savior,

His body leaped diving into the sea of sorrow, as a splash erupted as loud as a bomb throughout,

echoing within my brain, waves shattered, memories broke, and I could hear the song of the song birds as it approached.


It stung, I kept yanking my body away from familiar hands as if they belonged to a stranger,

Words as slick as a masterful snake whispered from his mouth,

I couldn’t move as more song birds approached, muttering about pulling out the bodies,


I could hardly make out the song birds, each as skillful at doing the right thing as the other, but amidst the chaos, my brain could only embrace fire,

I was mad like mad hatter, and lost like Alice,

It made no sense…why was that man diving into the sea? Why did the car dip into the pool?

Words raced through the songbirds lips as they tried to make sense of the matter,

but I was a mute, and as morning approached,

I awoke with tears of crystalline aids down my face.



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