The Mary Sue named Queen B.

What is her story?

I am sure everyone hates the typical Queen B who rules the school in every story. However, I take a very twisted view on this type of Mary Sue character in “ Into The Gray.”  My idea of what a Mary Sue is that the character is overdone, overused, and no one wants to read about a typical character. I took that advice from a friend of mine, and worked it into a character who is specifically a Mary sue with a twist.

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What is the Queen B?

She is the most popular person in the high school that Alana attends, and is one of the small Antagonists for the story. The big Antagonist is her boyfriend.  The Queen B in this story is your average cheerleader, but lives in very poor living conditions, and pretends to be rich. She dabbles in prostitution which will be revealed in the story, and tends to drink, smoke, and do Heroine. It is with no surprise that I make her disappear in the story mysteriously because she plays a massive role in why there is such a  rocky relationship between Alana and Aaron.



Is my Queen B a Mary Sue?

I will argue that at times she may seem like a Mary Sue on the surface, but there are more hidden facts about her that make her a very curious character. At some point, Alana will try to save her, Will she succeed? This is a major question for the story that I am writing.  The fact is Queen B is a well developed character even if she is not apart of the main story as a whole. Her placement is particular with good reason. She is the anarchist who tries to rival everything Alana knows. She is the shadow of Alana. By this I mean when more substantial problems occur there is hidden subtext that connects to the missing Queen B.



Who is my Queen B ? What is her name?

I think I wish to name my Queen B Amanda because that is a common name. She will never be referred to by her actual name but a name is needed. I chose Amanda because it is a common name. No other reason than that. Now that we have established this let’s get into her quirky history.

Amanda was a child born into poverty based on her father’s illegal dabblings on dealing drugs. Her mother was a prostitute and died when she was young. But she did have an older brother who moved away right after he graduated high school. She was left in a mediocre house, with money to maintain her cheerleader life. But if her father was ever arrested than her life would ultimately fall into destruction.

This character’s background is not meant to garner sympathy for her. But it is meant to further form an understanding of why she treats Alana a particular way.

Her hair was soaked like a downpour of rain just happened. Laughter echoed around us as people pointed, whispering that the two of us were likely enemies now, and that the party tonight was going to be interesting. Rachel, of course, smothered the entire rumor before it spread further than the fountain when she tackled me wrapping her soaking body around me like an anaconda before she snags its prey whole.  I could feel the tickles of cold water leaking through my shoes. What worried me more was the thin strands of light sandy hair that were now tangled up into a knot because of the water.

“ Alana, People can see through your shirt!” Mrs. Queen B spoke the words from across the fountain. Stating facts was so much like her…god, I understood why half the school hated her for sure.

“ Ninety five percent of the time, the whole world can see your boobs.” Rachel playfully spat back.

“ Well at least their not seeing the lines from heroine on my arms.” I bit my lip at the comment. Queen B was about to get but whooped like the wuss she was.

“ Well I’m not whoring myself around while dating a Jock. Oh, he doesn’t know about that does he?” The entire school was now shouting in response to their argument. While, I tried to slyly slip out of the fountain, and act like the white tank top wasn’t revealing my bra.  Talk about embarrassing..

“ Ladies, Ladies, break it up.” A security guard came running over. He was one of the fit one’s that some of the girl’s said was worth eyeing. Rumors spread that he slept with a freshman last year. But hey, who was I to judge?

Rachel spat at Queen B making sure the spit landed right between her cherry lips and tongue. Perfect aim. Queen B nearly screamed in disgust before wiping her hands, and pointing at Rachel. The security guard meandered over to Rachel, hand cuffing her for causing disruption and spitting on someone.”

I feel like Amanda leaves the readers with so much substance for such a Mary Sue like character. I hope she can entertain the readers as much as she had with me writing her out.


P.S Here are five songs I expect Amanda to be jamming out to as a cheerleader

Toxic – Melanie Martinez

Justin Beiber- Love yourself

Hasley- New America

Panic at the Disco- Emperors new new clothes



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