A piece of an epiphany

“ If we were to not be so reliant on technology,  would we be a better society?”

The day the power went out the world began to crumble. People panicked while staring at their phones in morbid disbelief. There was no way such a prominent piece of society could just vanish? No one believed that there would be a  day that the power really went out. News stations fought to try to turn on their equipment to try and grapple with what just happened, or rather to insure that power did not just go out for the world. With no lighting aside from the sun the world began to understand the caveman ways.

First, people desperately tried to start their cars to make sure that they could travel to work. When that failed they tried to understand that they would have to walk thousands of miles for some to their job. This was unrealistic really. Society began to fall. Every societal chain that existed at the time was now falling into the darkness. Obtaining money was becoming far more difficult as jobs that relied on technology were stripped from the world. At that point every job that existed aside from police was basically gone.

Secondly, everyone tried to contact their electric company to no avail. Without power the phones could not connect to anywhere. Communication with long distance was now obliterated. Neighbors became more important and less like someone who was just there next to your house.

Lastly, there was the coming realization that power had disappeared without a trace as to where it went. Four months passed. Many could not make it past these four months because without electricity the winter would become far too strong and deaths were sure to follow. A brisk winter could mean the death of a single family. The world began to believe judgement from GOD had finally come. Truth is GOD had nothing to do with this unfortunate event.

On the fifth month there were researchers rising to the challenge to try to obtain an answer for why such a disaster would ever touch upon the world. These researchers could only assume that it had to do with some sort of space problem. Rumor was that North Korea sent out a nuke to the sky that stopped all power from working. This rumor was passed down throughout the government. 


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